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Demand for Avocados Boosting Australian Fresh Markets

Demand for Avocados Boosting Australian Fresh Markets


Demand for Avocados Boosting Australian Fresh Markets

Australia is set to see significant growth in the avocados market in 2021. In fact, producers are claiming that this could be some of the biggest crops to date. This abundance will certainly lead to a plethora of opportunities in the international and domestic sectors. Moreover, experts are stating that the production has commenced in the Queensland region of Australia. What is surprising is that the beginning is extremely busy and thus many are predicting that it will just get busier from here onwards.

One factor that growers are considering tweaking at the moment is the pricing. This is a crucial aspect because the cost of avocados will determine the flow of new customers. In fact, the main reason for the exceptional production rate is the pleasant and favourable weather conditions. Since the growing regions have had quite a bit of rain, the season is turning out to be extremely fruitful. Therefore, the pack-outs are much higher than they normally are.

Hari Yellina, of Orchard Tech, has commented that for the past seven years, avocado producers have been focused on the export market. However, there is a need to have some form of balance in terms of positioning volumes and different size profiles, and see export as the key to success. There is no doubt that demand is absolutely growing. Producers have been able to grow the market from an Australian avocado perspective through quality. In fact, the price is a little higher than the rest of the production countries.

One market that would bring in a hoard of consumers for all Australian growers in India. There is great potential for future opportunities in the Indian market. Other markets for export growth include the Middle East, where the company has not exported to for 12 years and depending on pricing Europe could be an option as well.

Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)