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Exploring Farming Jobs in Western Australia

Currently, Western Australia is also known as the premium producer of agricultural products. Not only are the goods sustainably and ethically produced, but they are of excellent quality as well. In fact, this region is the largest grain-producing state in the entire nation. Additionally, Western Australia is also an exceptional producer of meat, wool, livestock, dairy, honey and other horticultural products. Farm work in Australia can be a great way for backpackers to earn some cash and experience the culture of regional Australia whilst travelling and enjoying the unique beauty of the great outdoors. Farm work in Australia is often also very physically demanding and you need to make sure the employer who you work for is paying minimum wage and that you can also find suitable accommodation.

In Western Australia there are more days of sunshine on average than any other state, so their apple harvest begins in March and May. What is commendable is that Western Australia is one of the most pest-free and disease-free agricultural production areas in the world. Strict quarantine requirements ensure this status is maintained for the benefit of local producers and consumers around the globe. This, combined with a focus on innovation, research and development, allows the sector to meet the specific requirements of domestic and overseas customers.

Western Australia’s Agricultural Focus

The sector places a high value on overseas markets, with agriculture being Western Australia’s second major export industry. It exports around 80 per cent of its agricultural production. For the past decade, about 70 per cent of the state’s agrifood exports has been destined for Asia, with China, Indonesia and Vietnam some of our largest markets. With growing demand for premium agrifood products, especially in Asia, the state is in a good position to build on its reputation as a reliable supplier of clean, safe and high-quality food to overseas markets. Since the demand for agricultural products is on the rise, the requirement of workers in this field is also growing exponentially.

Crop and region: grapes and orchard fruit (October to June in the south and west); crayfish, prawns and scallops (March to November on the west coast from Fremantle to Carnarvon); rock lobster (March to June in Geraldton and Fremantle); bananas (July to August and October to January in Kununurra).

Agricultural Jobs in Western Australia

Just like Queensland, Western Australia also offers a dynamic range of agricultural jobs and agribusinesses. Some of the commodities here include poultry farms, mixed vegetable crops, strawberry farms and grain storage facilities.

Jobs Available

  1. Header Operators
  2. Tractor Drivers
  3. Spray Rig Operators
  4. Caser Bin Drivers
  5. Forklift Operators
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