New South Wales

Agriculture in New South Wales

New South Wales (NSW) is an Australian region that offers various opportunities when it comes to the agricultural department. New South Wales covers a total area of around 800,400 square kilometres and is home to approximately 7,861,700 people. Out of this total area, 81 per cent is occupied by agricultural land. This land is majorly utilized for grazing native vegetation. NSW hosts and produces both winter and summer crops. The winter crops are the annual crops that are mostly planted during the autumn months. They are then harvested during the spring or summer seasons. Some of the most common crops that this region is home to are oilseeds such as canola, mustard and safflower, cereals like wheat, barley and oats and pulses such as faba beans, field peas and lupin beans. On the other hand, grain sorghum is NSW’s most popular and abundant summer cereal crop. The main utilization of this crop is for animal feed. Some of these animals include cattle, chickens and pigs. Another widely found cereal grown during the summer season is maize. Additionally, another summer grain that is sown mostly in Murrumbidgee and Murray Valley is rice. Along with these crops, the cotton industry, present in NSW, is also famous for producing high quality fibre. The cotton grown here is sought by buyers all over Indonesia, China, Korea and Japan.

Horticulture in New South Wales

NSW is also home to a hoard of horticultural goods. The most popular of these are berries, citrus fruits, grapes, melons and nuts. The nuts of NSW are produced in the northern, central and southern tablelands, the Murrumbidgee Irrigation areas and the river valleys along the coastal areas. In addition to these horticultural products, there are mixes of tropical fruits that are also grown along the northern coast of NSW. Many of these crops require care before their establishment. The main variants that are grown here are bananas, avocados and macadamias.

Farming Jobs in New South Wales

General Farm Hand

This seasonal farming job is one of the most common in Australia. They are usually causal, short- term opportunities suited for backpackers and students. In most cases, the duties include fruit picking or menial labour in a farm setup.

Farm Managers

Farm managers oversee the day-to-day functions on a farm, taking on administrative responsibilities, selling crops or responding to environmental threats. Most farm managers are asked to reside in the farm itself. In order to succeed in this role, one may consider a degree in agriculture, agribusiness or animal science.

Fruit Picker

A fruit picker is asked to harvest fruits and nuts according to the variant. This task may be completed by hand or hand tools, such as shears, pronged scoops or hooked poles. An individual appointed as a picker must be able to work on ladders, elevated platforms and crawl along rows to reach fruits. Hence, it is essential that they must be physically fit in order to sustain themselves during intense harvest seasons. Even though the agricultural sector may seem to be difficult at first, it is one of the most rewarding experiences one may garner throughout all of their life’s experiences.  

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