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Farming Jobs in South Australia

Australia is a hub of agriculture and horticulture! South Australia covers a total area of around 983,300 square kilometres and is home to approximately 1.7 million people. The most abundant industry that is found in this region is the grain industry. This includes wheat, barley, oats, oilseeds, minor cereals and minor grains. Both cereal and grain crops have gone through immense development throughout the years. This includes innovations in technology and machinery. Even though in the beginning wheat was mostly produced for domestic consumption only, now it is a key export commodity. Hence, there are multiple work opportunities in regards to farming in this area. Nevertheless, it is a wise decision to scour for jobs through a reliable recruitment agency. This will not only reduce your chances of falling prey to scams but will also aid you to find jobs that are suitable to your taste.

Farm Work Opportunities in South Australia

The world-famous South Australian wineries and wheat fields make up about 12 per cent of the complete agricultural production of the nation. This figure is forecasted to grow rapidly due to the current investments that are being made in the farming domain. This is why farming jobs and opportunities are continuously increasing, and will definitely continue to grow in the upcoming decade. Some of the top commodities of recent years were:

  • Wheat
  • Cattle and calves
  • Wine Grapes
  • Potatoes
  • Oranges
  • Onions
  • Tomatoes
  • Almonds

Farming Jobs in South Australia

In order to successfully fulfil one’s position in a farming setup, one needs the zeal to work in the outdoors. In most cases, the farming jobs in South Australia are short-term, casual jobs. Initially, one may join an agribusiness on a probation period, but as soon as the administration approves of the work, then they may join as an official employee.

Nature of Work

Typical employees are asked to plant, cultivate and harvest crops. They may also be given the responsibility of raising livestock and poultry. At times, according to demand, they may also be asked to repair farm equipment and building.

What are the Main Duties?

  • Planting, fertilizing, cultivating and spraying crops
  • Milking cows
  • Operating and maintaining farm machinery
  • Examining produce for quality and preparing for the market
  • Cleaning stables, barns and pens
  • Feed and tend to livestock and poultry

Employment Requirements

Usually, no prior experience is needed to work on a farm. However, some prior knowledge is needed to gain a fulfilling experience. Having a degree is preferable; however, most farms do provide onsite training.

Therefore, working on a South Australian farm can transform your career and prove to be an experience of a lifetime. Hence, if you are looking for a fulfilling career in agriculture, it is best to join a farm in South Australia.

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