Career Opportunities in Queensland, Australia

Queensland may be classified as the largest agriculture producing state in the entire nation of Australia. Its agricultural industries comprise plant industries, such as field crops, horticulture and forestry and animal industries like livestock and livestock-related products. In fact, this state has the highest proportion of land area in Australia dedicated to agriculture. According to recent surveys, approximately 30,500 agri-businesses operate in this state. In fact, farming industries contribute more than $10 billion to the state's economy each year.

Plant Industries in Queensland

Due to its rich and favourable climate, the plant industries present in this region are diverse, and they are reputed to be extremely high in quality. The domains that are available here are significantly boosted by research and development for continuous improvement. The techniques that are implemented here are of international quality and thus the market is exponentially growing each and every year.

Horticultural Production

Queensland is renowned for its supply of fresh produce. In fact, a huge proportion of international exports hail from this region. The fruits, vegetables and nuts that are grown here are exceptional in both quality and taste. Innovations in plant varieties, cultivation, management and marketing have made Queensland's horticultural industry a world leader. Some of the crops that are heartily grown here are avocados, citrus fruits, mangoes, strawberries, pineapples, lettuce and cocoa. During the pandemic, citrus fruits have been high in demand and Queensland has played its part in producing the fruits for its consumers. Queensland grows about 5300 hectares of citrus. The main production regions include the Central Burnett, Emerald, Bundaberg and the Atherton Tablelands. The fruits here are harvested all year round, and mandarins, limes and lemons are the major variants grown here.

Farming Work in Queensland

Hence, it is safe to say that there are ample job opportunities in the heart of Queensland. Whether you are a local or a backpacker scouring for farming jobs, Queensland is just the apt destination. Due to its dynamic production, jobs are available throughout the year. However, the nature of the work varies with the crop and the season. Hence, there are multitudes of seasonal work opportunities that await you here.

Unskilled Work

If you have not attained formal education in the agricultural industry, then you will be labelled as an unskilled worker. Even though the name seems off-putting, the job market is teeming with jobs for unskilled employees. In fact, these candidates make up a large portion of the seasonal agricultural workforce.

Some of the work responsibilities of unskilled workers include:

  • Fresh produce harvesting
  • Pruning, cutting and planting crops such as sugar cane and grain
  • Working packing sheds, canneries and other processing factories or plants

Therefore, farming work is one that demands a great deal of physical labour and mental strength. All workers must be ready to face adverse conditions. However, it is this exact trait that later builds character and ushers in a favourable and commendable journey.

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