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A Season Like no Other: The Australian Mango


Safeguarding Australia’s Citrus Industry

Researchers have identified an Australian strain of fungus that causes citrus rot, calling for effective controls to protect the citrus industry A dark mark on the skin can detract from these positive associations, and many consumers will be put off buying them. A dark, tear-shaped mark is often a sign of the fungal disease anthracnose, […]


All Focus is on Victoria’s Weather System

Even though the north-east is all set, there has been a great focus on the weather conditions in Victoria. District has picked up enough rain to bring up crops, the state’s traditional grain growing regions in the Wimmera / Mallee remain bone dry. In spite of the lack of rain farmers through the north-west have […]


Coloured Vegetables and the Australian Market

Many farm owners have realized that there is an untapped market of coloured vegetables, especially cauliflowers and lettuce. Through some trial crops, many have found the orange and purple coloured vegetables. Not only do they look attractive but there is a whole market that is left unexplored that may become extremely popular. However, it is […]


Agricultural Workers to Quarantine at Half Price in Hotels

According to the New South Wales government, it will be subsidizing half of the hotel expenditures of agricultural workers. This is done in order to boost the economy and fuel the horticultural domain. If recent data is properly analyzed, crop losses have exceeded the $52 million mark since last December. This is primarily due to […]


Crop Yield to be Improved by Data Platforms

A unique and novel phenotyping platform will allow all farmers across the country to evaluate the performance of their crops. Moreover, they will be able to analyze the condition of the crops over a long period of time. The developers of this platform are of the opinion that this is technology that has never been […]


Fruit Worth Millions Rot Due to Ban on Backpackers

It is evident that there is a labour shortage that is pestering the fruit and vegetable farms in Queensland. Due to the border restrictions, imposed by the pandemic, crops worth millions of dollars are left to rot. Moreover, it was witnessed that multiple rows of strawberry beds were barren due to crop loss. Hari Yellina, […]


Australian Grapes Suffer Due to Chinese Customs Delay

Australian table grapes are troubled by delays in clearing Chinese ports. Growers and industry executives see this as another sign of worsening trade ties between the two countries. Relations worsened last year after Canberra accused China of meddling in domestic affairs. They cooled even more when Australian PM Scott Morrison sought an independent inquiry over […]


Favourable Weather Causes Increase in Grape Volumes

New South Wales grape growers Beverley Road Farms is reporting an increase in quality and fruit size this season due to the favourable weather conditions. This season’s cooler summer with cooler nights has really enhanced the colour of the fruit and early spring rain has also helped with the health and growth of the vines […]


Australian Agricultural Overview 2021

Background Australia has a diverse agricultural, fisheries and forestry sector, producing a range of crop and livestock products. The gross value of agricultural, fisheries and forestry production has increased by 7% in the past 20 years in real terms (adjusted for consumer price inflation), from approximately $62 billion in 2000–01 to $67 billion in 2019–20. Drivers of output growth […]


Climate Change Indicates Smaller Strawberries, Higher Costs

Strawberries appear to be the latest victims of a changing climate. Also, as smaller strawberries take longer to pick, production costs are rising along with temperatures. This means lower returns for growers and possible price hikes at the checkouts. Introduction Strawberries (Fragaria ananassa) were first grown in Brittany and France around 1740 via a cross […]


A Flourishing Persimmon Season Amidst the Pandemic

The season of persimmons commenced mid-march in the state of Victoria. It is predicted that it will run up until the middle of May. According to experts in the industry, the crop is looking better than ever. Since the rainfall was steady and the weather conditions were pleasant, the fruits blossomed into an awesome colour. […]


Queensland Transforms into a Sustainable Food City

A community in Queensland is on track to become Australia’s most ‘sustainable food city’. It is also ready to feature in a digitally integrated urban horticulture and community composting systems. Yarrabilb, a 2,062-hectare purpose-built town in South East Queensland, and the project, which is being co-ordinated by the Food Agility Cooperative Research Centre, started in […]


Australian Banana Growers Distraught

Australian growers that were highly affected by a tropical cyclone Niran. The sufferers are eligible for a $25,000 government grant. The banana growers were severely affected by this. However, the growers are saying that it’s not enough and most importantly not targeted towards the biggest issue facing the industry. The grant is restricted to cover […]


Growers of Citruses in Australia Concerned

According to latest reports, Australian growers and packers are extremely worried about hiring Pacific Islander seasonal workers. This is mainly done to help fill the labour shortage that has occurred due to the global pandemic. However, the law has now specified that these growers need to be placed in quarantine, adding to the costs of […]


Woes Continue for Labour Shortage in Australia

Forecasts show that there is no short term end for Australia’s horticulture labour shortages. Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) says while the horticulture industry will suffer significantly from labour shortage, there are some opportunities from high domestic demand. A senior industry economist at ABARES, Charley Xia, told this week’s Outlook […]


Produce Being Wasted: Newest News in Australia

The COVID-19 pandemic and labour shortages have had a “massive” impact on the already high levels of produce wastage, according to Australia’s leading research centre on the issue. Dr Steve Lapidge is the inaugural CEO of Fight Food Waste Ltd, which incorporates the Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre and Stop Food Waste Australia. He […]


Overview of the Global Pear Market in Australia

The European pear market currently appears to be at a minor deadlock. There are talks of a difficult Conference season in the Netherlands. Other classic pear markets, such as Italy and Germany, are also dealing with an increased demand. A greater exception is France, where the pear market is still growing at a steady rate. […]


The Future of the Growing Season

The growing season for tomatoes in South Australia has not been without its struggles. One of the main problems that growers are facing is the extremely high temperature. Due to this, there is a need to increase the irrigation. However, the supply has not been compromised at any costs. Considering the weather, many have noticed […]


Water Scarcity Causes Scare amongst Wide Bay Growers

It is a known fact that Australia’s Wide Bay Region has a booming agricultural sector. Moreover, this area produced around 12 percent agricultural production in Queensland, that is worth greater than $1.5 billion. Nevertheless, the growing personnel are facing grave issues due to water scarcity. This is mainly because this place has not seen rainfall […]


Remembering Cyclone Yasi

In the year of 2011, cyclone Yasi was responsible for destroying more than 80 per cent of Australia’s banana industry. Due to this cyclone, around $350 million worth of bananas were completely destructed. Moreover, farm owners in Cardwell, Innisfail and Tully suffered the majority of the losses. Historically low banana production meant a box of […]