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The Future of the Growing Season

The Future of the Growing Season


The Future of the Growing Season

The growing season for tomatoes in South Australia has not been without its struggles. One of the main problems that growers are facing is the extremely high temperature. Due to this, there is a need to increase the irrigation. However, the supply has not been compromised at any costs.

Considering the weather, many have noticed that the growing season has been quite praiseworthy. Even though during the summer season the temperature had reached up to 40, the measures taken regarding water conditions was commendable. Moreover, the high temperatures have also caused the harvest volumes to vary. Nonetheless, the end result has been that the harvest has been consistent.

As time passes by, farm owners are now looking to invest in cooling systems. This is because of the fluctuating temperatures and the need to protect the green houses. Even though the traditional procedures are appreciated, the need of the hour is to incorporate the multiple technologies with the old techniques. This will ensure better quality and greater yields through the warmer weather.

Food Service Industry to Return to Pre-Covid Levels along with Growing Season

Along with the growing season, the food service industry has been really hit hard by COVID 19. Restaurants, hotels and sporting venues have stood empty for months. Businesses within the industry have attempted to move quickly to mitigate the impact, reducing staff and costs, pivoting online and adapting. Some greatly successful, others not adapting well, which in turn has led to closures. Food service industry demand has yet to return to pre-COVID-19 levels and businesses will need to manage the operational realities of a continually changing environment of dramatically lower revenues, high fixed costs, less than optimal asset returns and the need to conserve capital, they will need to determine which areas to prioritize and invest in. Hence, it is important