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Increased Almond Demand Leads it to be a Bumper Crop


Ginger Growth and Production in Australia (2020)

Overview Australian ginger, though available all throughout the country, is widely produced in Queensland. Furthermore, processed ginger is oftentimes used in beverages in minced or candied form. However, the majority of these fresh imports to Australia are widely processed without entering the fresh supply chain. Most importantly, Fijian ginger has also been recently granted acess […]


Garlic Growth and Production in Australia (2020)

Overview Australia possesses a small but growing garlic industry. Nevertheless, most of the supply is accumulated by imports from other regions. The countries that provide the garlic supply are China, Africa, Taiwan, New Zealand and the USA. This necessary vegetable can be identified as a close relative of onions, leeks and chives. When it comes […]


Fresh Herbs Growth and Production in Australia (2020)

TYPES OF FRESH HERBS LEMON MYRTLE Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia citriodora) is originally a Queensland Rainforest tree so they can grow exponentially into a fresh herb. They’re grown around Sydney a lot like a street tree. Traditionally, they were used medicinally. However, in the present times, they can be readily bought as dried herbs. Also, they can be […]


Celery Growth and Production in Australia (2020)

Celery is one of the highest yielding vegetable crops in Western Australia and is usually grown from transplants produced by specialist seedling nurseries. It is a shallow-rooted crop with high fertiliser and moisture requirements. At times, many people develop skin allergies to celery. This is why rubber gloves should be worn when handling them. Western […]


Cauliflowers Growth and Production in Australia (2020)

Cauliflowers are best planted in autumn and early winter to enable the flowering heads or curds to ripen in cold weather. They need a steady supply of food and water to develop good heads. As the head grows, wrap the large outer leaves around it to protect it from the sun and prevent it from becoming […]


Carrots Growth and Production in Australia (2020)

Carrots first came to Australia in 1788 with the First Fleet. Convicts planted ‘Long Orange’ carrots on Norfolk Island just two weeks after their arrival and gathered in their first harvest in October of that year. This vegetable was identified as the fifth most valuable crop in Australia behind potatoes, mushrooms, tomatoes and onions. Variants […]


Capsicum Production in Australia (2020)

Overview Capsicums, also known as bell peppers, are grown in almost all states of Australia due to their popularity. However, the majority of the production occurs in the outdoors of Queensland. Nonetheless, capsicums are also being grown all year-round in high tech greenhouses in the southern states of Australia. Furthermore, capsicums possess an incredible prospect […]


Cabbage Production in Australia (2021)

One of the oldest vegetables that have originated from the eastern Mediterranean region is cabbage. Also a member of the brassica family, this vegetable is closely related to broccoli, brussels sprouts and cauliflowers. There are many variants of cabbages that are available in Australia but the most rampant of them are the sea green and […]


Asparagus Production and Growth in Australia (2020)

Overview Out of all of the vegetables harvested in Australia, asparagus is a popular vegetable among the citizens. Asparagus is typically divided into two categories: a spring cut and a summer cut. The latter is primarily saved for the domestic market. Because of the low cost of the imported products, minimal processing occurs of the […]


Muskmelons Production and Growth in Australia (2020)

Overview Muskmelons are a variety of fruit that houses two subtypes. One of these variants is rockmelons, whereas the other one is honeydew melons. Production of this particular type of melon occurs all across Australia. Thus, they are available all-year-round for consumption. Statistics of Muskmelons As of June 2020: In Australia, 34% of the citizens […]


Mangoes Production and Growth in Australia (2020)

Overview Since mango is a tropical fruit, its production predominantly occurs in Northern Australia. The mango season starts in mid-November in Mareeba, early December in Dimbulah and mid-December in Central Queensland. Types of Mangoes The fruit harvest season comprises of a wide variety of mango types. The most common amongst them is Kensington Pride, which […]


Lychees’ Production in Australia (2020)

Overview The lychee is a subtropical fruit, which is oval and the size of a walnut. In fact, lychees are part of the berry kingdom and grown on tropical, evergreen trees. Moreover, after a few months of growth, these individual flowers transform into bunches of fruit. Australia is a nation that harbours the most extended […]


Custard Apples Growth and Production in Australia (2020)

Overview In Australia, the majority of custard apples, also known as cherimoyas, are produced in Queensland and also northern New South Wales. The exports and imports value of these custard apples are negligible. The unique variant of the custard apple that is grown in Australia is known as an atemoya. Statistics of Custard Apples As […]


Oranges Growth and Production in Australia (2020)

Introduction Oranges, a citrus fruit commonly consumed by Australians, are renowned for their Vitamin C content. However, there are other great nutrients that are seldom mentioned. Interestingly, these fruits have the highest content of antioxidants when compared to other fruits. Oranges are not prone to spoilage after harvest. Hence, they can be stored at room […]


Mandarins Production and Growth in Australia (2020)

Mandarins are usually available from April to October. Imperial oranges are the most popular ones in the market. Since this fruit is extremely easy to peel and contains few to no seeds, they are extremely popular in Australia. Mandarins belong to the citrus family and are a distinct species of oranges. These spherical oranges are […]


Lemon/Lime Production and Growth in Australia (2020)

Globally, lemons and limes are produced extensively due to their extensive demands. These fruits are subtropical in nature and due to their acidic content, they are used in a variety of culinary recipes. Two of the most popular lemon variants are Eureka and Lisbon. In Australia, these fruits are grown for commercial purposes and consumed […]


Cherries Production and Growth in Australia 2020

The Victorian cherry season usually commences in the first or second week of November. It then continues through January. The quality of this fruit is dependent upon many factors. These seasonal factors include frost, humidity, hail and rainfall. Hence, farm owners and staff need to constantly monitor and care for the crops during harvest season. […]


Rubus Berries Production and Growth in 2020

Rubus berries are dominantly grown in the southern parts of Australia. They are usually available from November to April. At the present moment, there are approximately 120 growers that are growing this fruit all across the country. The greatest volume growth is from December to April. Nevertheless, due to the high demand, these berries are […]


Avocado Overview and Growth in Australia (2020)

Introduction Avocados were first brought into Australia in 1840. They were planted in the Royal Botanical Gardens. After this event, commercial imports of seeds and plants continued to flourish over the upcoming 110 years. It was at this point in time that an Australian industry began to take shape and develop. If the current scenario […]


Apple Overview and Growth in Australia (2020)

Introduction to Apples Apple trees are one of the oldest cultivated fruits in the world. Moreover, there are more than 7.5000 cultivators that work with this fruit. Usually, this fruit is consumed for their sweetness. However, they are also utilized to make and cook cider. As history states, the tree was originally established in Asia. […]