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Avocado Overview and Growth in Australia (2020)

Avocado Overview and Growth in Australia (2020)


Avocado Overview and Growth in Australia (2020)


Avocados were first brought into Australia in 1840. They were planted in the Royal Botanical Gardens. After this event, commercial imports of seeds and plants continued to flourish over the upcoming 110 years. It was at this point in time that an Australian industry began to take shape and develop. If the current scenario is analysed, avocado orchards are found all throughout Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Tasmania. This fruit is available all throughout the year due to its adaptability to various climate conditions. Nevertheless, this fruit is largely available between March and November.

Fresh Avocado Overview

As of the year ending in June 2020:

  1. 60% of Australian households purchased avocados as a part of their daily shopping haul. Therefore, about 414 grams of this fruit was bought per grocery trip.
  2. The wholesale value of the fresh supply was estimated at $540 million. Out of this amount, 425 million was distributed into retail and 115 was allocated for food service.
  3. Approximately, 87,456 tonnes of avocados were produced and valued at 115 million.
  4. The supply per capita was 3.7 kg, based on the volume supplied.

Major Production Areas

Even though avocados are found throughout Australia, there are a few regions that are known for producing this fruit abundantly. Some of these areas are Pemberton, Sunraysia, Bundaberg, Atherton and Southeast Queensland. Moreover, Queensland was responsible for producing 60% of the total amount of avocados. Additionally, Western Australia grew 26% of the avocados available in the country.

Main Varieties of Avocados

The Australian market is majorly dominated by the Hass variant. Nevertheless, there are other varieties that are available throughout the different seasons.

  • Hass is identified as an oval-shaped fruit that darkens as it ripens. 80% of the market is dominated by this variant.
hass avocado available in Australia
  • Shepard, a lighter coloured fruit, does not change colour as it ripens. 17% of the fresh produce is of this particular variant.