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Backpacker Work/Jobs in Australia

Backpacker Work/Jobs in Australia


Backpacker Work/Jobs in Australia

One of the most essential aspects that continue to fuel the success of the Australian agriculture industry is backpackers. Backpackers are foreign tourists, usually young in age, travelling through and visiting Australia. This name has been derived because of the backpack that they walk around with as they are travelling. Even though travelling solo may be an extremely daunting task, Australia is one of the best places to backpack through. Since the nation is one of the more popular backpacking destinations, all situations are moulded so that it is extremely easy to meet and interact with new people. Moreover, farming jobs are a great way to earn quick money in Australia. In fact, for the majority of backpackers who pick up farming jobs, it is an overwhelmingly positive experience. Since farms require as much help as they can get, it is almost a guarantee that every backpacker interested in a farming job will be matched with a suitable role. Nevertheless, it is important that these individuals scour work through authentic and reliable sources to make the most of their experience. Therefore, recruitment agencies are a great option to find a job of interest.

Backpackers Seeking Jobs in Australia

Many international backpackers seek farming jobs in Australia as a means to earn lucrative money. There are various amount of jobs available, mostly revolving around picking, packing and processing hard and soft fresh produce. These jobs are a great way to travel the world while earning cash. Moreover, those who want to learn English receive ample opportunities to do so! In many farm setups, authorities provide special training to complete the tasks at hand. Farm work in Australia is often also very physically demanding and you need to make sure the employer who you work for is paying minimum wage and that you can also find suitable accommodation. In fact, the Federal Government of Australia allows an individual who has completed 88 days of farm work to apply for a second visa. Furthermore, Australia is such a massive nation that it may be segregated into different climate zones. Due to the varying climate, there is work available almost all year round!

What are these Jobs Like?

If a backpacker enjoys the outdoors, then these agricultural jobs may just be the career option they are looking for. While travelling and working through the country, backpackers are presented with opportunities to meet other travellers who are as passionate about working in the outdoors. Nevertheless, being a part of a farm setup requires heavy and strenuous physical labour. The weather conditions will most likely be extreme and the locations extremely dusty. Therefore, being physically fit and healthy is extremely important.

Security Concerns and How to Handle Them

Unfortunately for some backpackers, there have been rare incidents where they have been misguided by scammers. Hence, it is always advised to find work through reputed recruitment agencies. Serious backpackers should be extremely wary of private advertisers whose job descriptions are vague and ambiguous.

Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)