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What is the Actual Importance of Agriculture?

What is the Actual Importance of Agriculture?


What is the Actual Importance of Agriculture?

Agriculture is one of the most crucial sectors that are present in a nation. Hence, its importance is absolutely undeniable. The same can be claimed for Australia. Not only is it an important source of livelihood, but it was the primary source of the economy prior to the industrial revolution. Even though there is a hoard of trade options that are in use currently, a lot of individuals still rely on agriculture as their only source of income. Therefore, the importance of agriculture will continue to prevail all over the world. Moreover, contrary to popular belief, the term agriculture is not only limited to farming and cultivation. Rather, it should be seen as an umbrella term that also includes dairy, beekeeping, forestry, poultry and sericulture.

Importance of Agriculture in Food Supply

Even today, agriculture is the leading source of all the food that we consume today. This is especially true in regards to the basic fruits and vegetables that we intake. For instance, it is through agriculture that we are able to possess vegetables, oils and proteins. Therefore, the importance of this sector is seen in our everyday lives. Moreover, agriculture is also responsible for the carbohydrates that are so crucial for our everyday well being. For instance, grams and other leguminous goods are only available through farming.

Agriculture and Medicine

Glycosides: Agriculture’s importance can be seen in the world of medicine. These are some important principles of medicine. Examples include heart failure cardiac glycosides such as digitalis. Senna is a glycoside used in constipation treatment. Steroidal glycosides for the production of steroid drugs in the heart.

Alkaloids: Like a drug, most alkaloids are used. Opium alkaloids such as morphine relieve severe pain, cough, and loss of movements as well. These are obtained in farms through the growth of opium poppy plants, hence proving the importance. Likewise, farming obtains alkaloids such as hyoscine, ephedrine, physostigmine.

Enzymes: The papain enzyme is obtained from the fruit of papaya. This papain is used as an enzyme that is organic. It is used as a substitute for indigestion for one of the digestive enzymes. Especially useful for the elderly and sick. This papain is obtained by the cultivation of papaya on a large scale.