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Exports in Australia

Exports in Australia


Exports in Australia

Total Exports (International)

According to reports, published in the field of agriculture, Australia has exported over $2.92 billion worth of products worldwide. Fresh fruit claims the number one position in the list of trade. Around $1,332 million worth of fresh fruits were delivered across the world. These fresh fruits include grapes, oranges and mandarins. Second in this list of exports is nuts. Over 34% of nuts were sold, amounting to $1,006 million. Some of the types of nuts that were transported are almonds, macadamias and walnuts. Moreover, fresh vegetables were also exported at a high rate. Hence, carrots, onions and potatoes make up about ten percent of the nation’s exports.

australia's net exports
Source: GTA (Freshlogic Analysis)

Trade by Region (International)

If the list is carefully analyzed, the highest amount of products was exported to Asia. These include grapes, almonds, mandarins and macadamias. This trade profited Australia by $2,113.2 million. Furthermore, approximately 13% of the goods were supplied to Europe. This amounts to about 38,521 tonnes of products. 9% of carrots, almonds, grapes, mandarins and watermelons were provided to the Middle Eastern countries. Moreover, some of the other regions that receive Australian goods are North America, New Zealand and Oceania and Africa. This flourishing trade has strengthened the economic conditions of the country greatly.

exports have continued to soar in australia

Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)