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Pomegranate Market’s Rise in Australia

Pomegranate Market’s Rise in Australia


Pomegranate Market’s Rise in Australia

According to the latest reports, the pomegranate trade has already started in the Northern Hemisphere. Moreover, this campaign is officially underway in the regions on Spain, Egypt, Morocco and Turkey. When it comes to North America, California has also begun harvesting this fruit. Earlier this year, the Southern Hemisphere had stopped the dispatch of this fruit completely. Therefore, the European markets have been barren of this fruit in recent weeks. This has led to an enormous rise in prices. This situation should be altered due to the arrival of fresh pomegranates in the market. Particularly in China, this chaotic situation is slowly stabilizing. It has also being heard plantations are being introduced in South Africa in order for the fruit to reach the Western Cape.

The Pomegranate Markets in Different Countries

Italy and the Pomegranate Market

The pomegranate season in Italy has begun with a bang because of their early start of about two weeks. There is a large volume of these fruits that are widely available throughout the country. Moreover, the prices have also started to resemble those of the previous season.

The current fitness trend, fuelled due to the coronavirus, will also have a positive impact on the market. Even though the purchasing power of customers has decreased, consumers have started to raise their awareness about the nutritional values of food items. Hence, the pomegranate market is steadily stabilizing in the nation.


If the reports of the General Organization for Export and Import Control in Egypt are adhered to, then it is being projected that the pomegranate production will reach 247,000 tons in 2020. In the present situation, the main destinations are Europe and Russia. Moreover, the demand for pomegranates is also higher than the last season. Even though this demand is usually not witnessed until mid-October, this year pomegranate orders are being generated from mid-August. Thus, even though many companies are delayed for two weeks, the demand continues to grow in this country.

India and the Pomegranate Market

The Indian pomegranate season usually lasts until October. However, even though the yield this season was satisfactory, it was very arduous to get larger size pomegranates. Furthermore, the weather has had an extremely positive effect on the harvest season, and the colour of the fruits are also commendable. Additionally, the demand for the fruit is relatively stable and may be even more than the last year. The leading Indian markets for this fruit are in Asia, Europe and even Canada. Hence, it can be stated that the pomegranate markets are slowly coming back to their original form.

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Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)