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The Online Fruit Market Witnesses Record Consumption Levels

The Online Fruit Market Witnesses Record Consumption Levels


Article by: Hari Yellina

Summertime is nearing and watermelon consumption peaks during this time. Sales have gradually climbed since early-ripening watermelons entered the market in late March, according to Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs monitoring data, and the online fruit market has also seen a consumption spike. According to Meituan data, since watermelons were introduced to the market, consumer demand for watermelon has gradually increased across the country, and watermelon sales have surged significantly. Watermelon sales climbed by approximately 200 percent from May 23 to May 29, compared to the first week of May. Overall sales of “Black Beauty” watermelons climbed the most year over year, increasing by more than 50%.

June is predicted to see a more significant increase in melons. Meituan chose June 6 to formally launch the “Melon Festival” in order to address consumers’ summer watermelon demands. Meituan joins together with over a thousand high-quality merchants at that time to supply high-quality watermelons from all over the country to people’s dining tables across thousands of kilometres in a “next-day delivery” manner. Meituan data states that the sales volume of “Black Beauty” watermelon has surpassed 6,000 tonnes since May. The Kirin melon, which is well-known throughout China, continues to play a consistent role, with order volume increasing by 75% year over year.

Guangxi Black Beauty, Kirin Melon 8424, Ice Cream Watermelon, Yunnan Sweet King Watermelon, and Diaolan Watermelon were among the most popular watermelon types offered this year. Guangxi Black Beauty, in particular, did well, outselling last year’s Yunnan Sweet King Watermelon, which was the best-selling watermelon this year. During the Melon Festival, all watermelon categories are discounted numerous times, giving customers additional options and lower pricing. China is a world-renowned watermelon producer, accounting for over 70% of global output, yet export volume is less than 1%. According to the fraction of online watermelon consumption, watermelon consumption has surpassed 10% of overall fruit consumption. Customers from the first- and second-tier cities are still the main force of fruit ingestion.