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Strengthening the Banana Industry

Strengthening the Banana Industry


Strengthening the Banana Industry

banana industry in australia

The newly introduced banana program will help to further the previous accomplishments achieved in this sector,” says Hari Yellina.

It has been reported that the Queensland Government horticulturists are all set to announce a newly prepared National Banana Development and Extension program that aims to support the banana industry in these crucial and testing times. Moreover, this industry has suffered a tremendous blow due to the ongoing pandemic, and government officials believe that this plan will relieve the woes quite a bit.

Mark Furner, the minister for Agriculture Industry Development and Fisheries, has stated that this advanced five-year banana plan will undoubtedly strengthen the banana industry’s viability by retaining jobs and sustaining the growth of this domain. Furner has also added that the extension officers are on the lookout for any opportunities that will assist them in working in close proximities with farmers. Furthermore, this move will also allow for a regional focus that supports the banana industry’s priorities.  

Hari Yellina of Orchard Tech opines that COVID 19 has devastated every industry throughout the nation, but special arrangements are being made to revitalize the agricultural sector.

It is a known fact that the horticultural industry is a crucial aspect of Queensland’s plan for economic growth. Hence, this newly chalked up program must stand by the numerous farmers and all the employees that they have appointed. Furthermore, the implementation of this plan will further aid the horticulturists to understand the current demands regarding bananas. In fact, this program not only identifies the available opportunities, but it also delivers the specific assistance required for each farm.

This state-of-the-art, five-year program will research the developments in the banana industry through national banana roadshows, workshops and field shows. Hence, this newly introduced plan will focus on innovation and technology while aiming to develop the affected banana industry.

Article by: Hari Yellina