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Stability of Product Quality and Flexibility Most Important in Vegetable Market

Stability of Product Quality and Flexibility Most Important in Vegetable Market


Stability of Product Quality and Flexibility Most Important in Vegetable Market

Article by: Hari Yellina

“In recent years, plantation technology has advanced, and customers are more aware of issues relating to food safety and other aspects of product quality. More than ever, it is crucial to be able to ensure stable product quality and flexible commerce. Two significant obstacles for growers are product quality and flexible trading. This development can be attributed to a number of factors. Fruit that is not properly stored will ripen too rapidly, start to rot, or develop other product quality problems, which will then have an impact on distribution and retail as well. Over the course of the entire supply chain process, the waste can reach up to 20%. Fruit is seasonal, which further reduces the availability. “Dehezi uses controlled climate storage technologies to ensure product quality while also extending the fruit’s shelf life. Additionally, the use of this technology helps growers ensure a flexible supply to the market while lowering the proportion of fruit waste “explained a Dehezi spokeswoman.

Dehezi is a business that specialises in providing the fruit and vegetable industry with full, integrated services for research and development, manufacture, sales, engineering, design, installation, and customer services. The company primarily develops refrigerated trucks, cold storage facilities, controlled environment storage facilities, dynamic atmosphere storage facilities, and cold storage for medical supplies. Dehezi has amassed specialised competence in the planning and building of cold storage facilities over the years. The most cutting-edge atmospheric control equipment in the world is also imported by the corporation. One of the top businesses in the sector is Dehezi. The company built the first controlled environment storage facility for seedless pomegranates, the largest controlled atmosphere storage facility for apples in China, the largest controlled atmosphere laboratory for longan in China, and the largest cold storage facility for dragon fruit in China.

Currently, Dehezi has a contract to build an AI orange distribution facility in Binchuan, Dali, where oranges will be sorted, packaged, and ready for distribution in refrigerators. By the year’s end, the centre will be completely functional. The Binchuan Industrial comprehensive processing unit includes a 7.4-hectare space where the AI distribution hub is located. The project consists of an automated orange selection facility, a chilled distribution facility, cardboard and plastic packaging facilities, an e-commerce service facility, and an exhibition space. Each year, the distribution centre will have the capacity to process 100,000 tonnes of fruit. One of the 10,000 tonne capacity-controlled environment storage facilities and the associated selection lines have already been built by Dehezi. Long-term storage, short-term redistribution, controlled atmosphere storage facilities, labs, selection lines with cutting-edge grading machinery, packing facilities, and trade services will all be offered by the project once it is complete.

Dehezi did this by importing from Europe the best atmospheric control technology and equipment and installing it in the distribution facility. The apparatus contains sophisticated sensors for detecting and regulating minute temperature variations, and new technology for atmospheric control to keep the fruit fresh. Solutions for long-term storage, short-term redistribution, controlled atmosphere storage facilities, and laboratories are offered by Dehezi to clients. The spokesperson claimed, “No matter the size of the project, we always base our research on the unique needs of our clients and the comfort of the user. We create plans and pick the right tools. Additionally, we set up hardware and perform regional changes. Additionally, we offer training on the technologies we employ so that our clients can start using them as soon as the construction is complete. Typically, our clients are major producers and industry leaders like Ali Baba Digital Farm, Joy Wing Mau, Haisheng Group, and Joyvio Food.” Dehezi connects global agricultural technology with customized fresh-keeping solutions. Dehezi takes care of your entire “fresh” journey.