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Snack Food Industry Developing because of North Queensland Company

Snack Food Industry Developing because of North Queensland Company


Snack Food Industry Developing because of North Queensland Company

A pioneer Australian dried fruit products manufacturer has recognised the need to expand the healthy snack food industry, especially given the fact that the tropical dried fruit industry still seems to be tiny due to a shortage of natural and high-quality products. In order to slash the cost and enhance the weight of the product in the package, Mareeba Orchards points out that a big amount of the tropical dried fruit marketed in Australia is unhealthy, with added sugar and preservatives.

“We are the only firm in Australia that sells our products in snack-sized packets,” a company representative said. “Our products are manufactured from 100% Australian produced and dried fruit from the country’s finest farmers.” Imported products from primarily third-world nations, repackaged in Australia under numerous names, have dominated the tropical dried fruit sector in Australia. This is due to the low cost of labour in these third-world countries, which drives down expenses and thus prices, but the main disadvantage of this approach is the poor quality of the produce and thus dry fruit.”

Dried fruit from Mareeba Orchards is produced in Far North Queensland, Australia, which is known for its rich soil and tropical fruit plantations. Dried Pineapple, Dried Mango, Ecoganic Dried Banana, Dried Red Dragon Fruit, and Dried Red Papaya are among the company’s current offerings. The pandemic, supply chain challenges, and floods all contributed to a trying year, according to the spokesman, who added that the low mango season made it difficult to find good quality, fairly priced mango, but that all other fruits were stable and selling well. The company supports local farmers by sourcing fruit from farms in close proximity to the production facility, as well as purchasing surplus and other specified fruit.

“All of our goods are 100% fruit,” he stated. “We work with growers who don’t spray their plantations with chemicals. Remember that all of the tropical dried fruit we sell has completely peeled exterior skins, unlike stone fruits, which are eaten with the skins on and must be thoroughly washed before consumption, or citrus fruits, which are squeezed with the skin on and any chemical residue is squeezed into the container. Due to our farming methods and good soils and climate, Australia produces the highest quality fruit in the world.”

One of the issues, according to Mareeba Orchards, is that there will always be consumers who are motivated by price and volume, and who are either unaware of or uninformed about the health benefits of dried fruit. “We make the healthiest dried fruit available, free of harmful additives and sugar,” he explained. “Australian consumers should be aware of the health benefits of dried fruit because the alternatives can be quite unhealthy.” Mareeba Orchards may be found in over 700 stores around Australia, and the number is expanding. The company arose from the Papa Organics brand, which has been producing certified organic dried mango from mangoes grown on our ACO-accredited farm in Mareeba for over 25 years. No other firm in Australia offers a snack-sized Australian dried fruit product that is healthful, preservative-free, gluten-free, kosher, and vegan friendly.”

Mareeba Orchards has recently launched in one of the largest retail chains in the United States and the company says that this will be the first time Australian tropical dried fruit products will be available in the USA.