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Nurseries Production in Australia (2019)

Nurseries Production in Australia (2019)


Nurseries Production in Australia (2019)


The term ‘nursery’ refers to the live plants that grown for multiple purposes. These live plants are utilized for landscaping and distribution and re-vegetation of ornamental supply chains. Moreover, they are also used as starter plants in the commercial production of vegetables, forestry and fruits. Furthermore, nurseries are produced across all states and territories in Australia, with the majority of the production occurring in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales. Furthermore, the production of these plants occurs in all months of the year. In fact, there are certain months during which the growth peaks during the key crop planting periods. The production of these plants is represented by their value rather than the volume.


As of June 2019,

  • The production value was set at $2.44 billion, while the wholesale value of the fresh supply was estimated at $2.56 billion.

Major Nursery Production Areas

The nursery production occurs mostly along the eastern sea board of Australia. Since live plants need water body to flourish, most of the growth is seen near rivers or oceans. Some of the major production areas include Perth in Western Australia, the Melbourne region in Victoria and in the South East of Queensland.

Source: NGIA

Nursery Production by State

nurseries production by region
Source: NGIA

Nursery International Trade

Australia may be defined as a net importer of nurseries. Nonetheless, there has been an elevation in the number of exports over recent years, apart from the pandemic. The international trade that is carried out is mostly expressed in terms of value rather than the volume. This is mainly due to the method that is utilized to record the data. Moreover, as of June 2019, Australia has exported $5.5 million worth of nurseries. On the other hand, the import value stands at $41.9 million.

nurseries production by state
Source: GTA

Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)