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Pandemic Causes a Rise in the Demand for Oranges

Pandemic Causes a Rise in the Demand for Oranges


Pandemic Causes a Rise in the Demand for Oranges

Because of the deadly pandemic, the demand for citrus fruits is on the rise. Nevertheless, the peak prices have already been left behind, and the prices are now dropping to their normal levels. Moreover, the Southern Hemisphere is currently handling the production, while countries like Peru, South Africa, Chile and Australia are mainly exporting the goods. In addition, California and Italy are also producing oranges but in limited amounts. These goods are mainly meant for the local markets.

Australia’s Oranges during the Pandemic

According to research conducted by Citrus Australia, dry conditions have led to sweeter, juicer fruits in the last year. Even though the oranges have turned out to be smaller in the previous year, the sizes are commendable. Moreover, a new brand has also been introduced in the Australian domestic market. This company primarily focuses on Washington Navels, Valencias and later it also intends to work with Cara Cara.

According to the latest research reports, the Australian production volume has remained stable after the pandemic. Simultaneously, a seven per cent increase has been noticed in the value that has skyrocketed to AUD 398.8 million. However, export volumes have plummeted down one per cent, but the value continues to grow even after the pandemic. Furthermore, China was Australia’s primary market for citrus products. Hence, Australia exported 33% of its citrus goods to China.

Chile and its Oranges during the Pandemic

Chile has begun to ship its oranges in the twentieth week after the pandemic, and the shipping will continue until week 42. The demand for Chilean oranges has increased exponentially. Additionally, the sales have also risen as compared to last year. By the end of the fifth week, sales increased up to 47.6% compared to that of 2019. Hence, the pandemic did not have a great effect here.

Germany and Oranges

The demand for citrus fruits after the pandemic has grown exponentially due to the coronavirus. The demand is still much higher than normal. Egypt has shipped its last oranges in the beginning of July. However, for the present moment, families have switched over to Valencia oranges. Even though suppliers are not able to live up to the demand of the oranges, the prices have not increased exponentially after the pandemic.

Oranges during the pandemic

Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)