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Nutrien Australia Strongly Supports Women in Agriculture

Nutrien Australia Strongly Supports Women in Agriculture


Nutrien Australia Strongly Supports Women in Agriculture

Article by: Hari Yellina

Nutrien Ag Solutions has made a concerted effort to encourage and support more women to enter the Australian agriculture business. With the competition for talent heating up across the board, it’s evident that the agriculture industry has to tap into the expertise and abilities of people who have previously been underrepresented in the industry. Nutrien Ag Solutions understands that new voices, new ideas, and new experiences are critical to promoting innovation and sustaining the industry’s growth.

The company has made a point of emphasising its dedication to building and maintaining an inclusive workplace, which includes doing everything possible to recruit and encourage more women into the agricultural profession. The organization’s mission for 2050 is to generate food and fibre for over 10 billion people throughout the world, which is why they’re lifting the bar on what a forward-thinking agriculture company can achieve. Rob Clayton, managing director of Nutrien Ag Solutions, and his team are working hard to create an environment where everyone feels welcomed, respected, and valued.

“It may seem self-evident, but exclusion is the polar opposite of inclusion. So, unless we consciously strive to be inclusive, we are most likely excluding people and ideas. That’s why we’ve devised a thorough strategy to help us achieve our goal of giving everyone a sense of belonging “Mr Clayton expressed his thoughts. Increasing chances for new people to join the team is not just the ethical thing to do; it also has proven advantageous, and helps the business by bringing fresh ideas and views to the table.

“A varied team reflects the diversity of our customers and the rural and regional communities in which we operate, which is equally vital.”Ag is a modern and lively business to be a part of, so it’s past time we updated the notion of what it takes to make a meaningful contribution and have a successful career in this field.” In 2021, Nutrien Ag Solutions hired 800 new employees in sites all around Australia, with women filling more than half of the positions. Carissa Buckland, head of Nutrien Ag Solutions’ Gender Working Group, said the company has already met its goal of hiring 50/50 men and women for new positions.

“This is about finding the best person for the job,” Ms Buckland explained, “and lifting your eyes up and understanding that the best person for the job might look and sound a little different than who you would traditionally imagine would belong in agriculture.” “I’m looking forward to a day when we don’t need a strategy to be diverse and inclusive since it’s just part of our daily routine. Meanwhile, I’m proud to work with an organisation that wants to lead the way in expanding possibilities for women in agriculture and agribusiness. Women in agriculture have amazing talent and accomplishments that should be recognised. In this company, there are some excellent women who are setting new ground for those who come after them.