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NSW Flooding Seeps into Sydney

NSW Flooding Seeps into Sydney


NSW Flooding Seeps into Sydney

Article by: Hari Yellina

Thousands of people are still under evacuation orders across NSW and southeast Queensland, and many communities are still on high alert. Greater Sydney is experiencing severe rain, and the flood catastrophe in the state’s north is still ongoing, with a new death confirmed. In the north, an evacuation order was issued for Ballina Island shortly after midnight, with the SES predicting half a metre of flooding, with the CBD expected to be flooded on Wednesday, isolating the community. Several flood warnings have been issued for the Greater Sydney area, including the Upper Nepean River at Menangle, the Hawkesbury River at Richmond and Windsor, and the Colo River at Upper Colo, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

In Queensland a major flood warning is still current for the Logan area south of Brisbane, where the water level has set new records from the peaks seen five years ago. The devastating floods in Queensland and New South Wales have prompted an outpouring of grief across Australia, with many Australians ready to help. Brisbane City Council is helping to resurrect the Mud Army. However, with thousands of people displaced, more to be evacuated, and authorities still sifting through the rubble, much more will be needed in the days, months, and years ahead.

These are the greatest ways to assist Queensland and NSW residents:

Donate to Charities

Money donations are the most practical way to provide immediate flood relief, especially when the flood waters recede. Several large organisations, including the Australian Red Cross and Vinnies, are taking donations to help flood-affected areas with immediate relief and humanitarian assistance. A disaster appeal is being coordinated by the Red Cross in both states. The funds will be used to provide critical humanitarian assistance, such as allowing volunteers and employees to assist with evacuations, relief centres, outreach programmes, and long-term support. Volunteers are assisting the SES and the State Fire Service in the worst-affected districts. Donations to the Queensland SES and the New South Wales SES can be made here.

Educate Yourself and Listen

Recovery from a severe weather event can take weeks, months, or even years after the initial crisis. People who have experienced a natural disaster are in desperate need of assistance at this time. Long after the clean-up is completed, the trauma remains. Flood survivors say it’s critical at this time to let family and friends to talk about what they’ve been through once the volunteers have left. Those who are afflicted may require professional assistance.