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New Vegetable Campaign to Promote the Benefit of Vegetables

New Vegetable Campaign to Promote the Benefit of Vegetables


New Vegetable Campaign to Promote the Benefit of Vegetables

Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)

Remember vegetables?

A new campaign hopes that people will do just that and enthusiastically support the goal of increasing vegetable eating. The term “Better than you remember” will be used to promote veggies in the pro gratis campaign launched on February 1 by Outdoor Media Association (OMA) in collaboration with Health & Wellbeing Queensland and Nutrition Australia. If the current statistics are evaluated, only 8% of adults and 5% of kids consume the recommended quantity of vegetables.

“Better than you remember” attempts to promote Australians’ vegetable consumption by using a variety of Out of Home (OOH) signs across the country, as well as a dedicated website with vegetable recipes, ideas, and education resources to help Aussies rediscover vegetables. According to Nutrition Australia, boosting vegetable consumption has health advantages and lowers health-care costs. It will also assist growers and others in the supply chain, as well as give financial benefits. Dr Robyn Littlewood, chief executive of Health and Wellbeing Queensland, stated that in today’s environment, more than ever, getting more vegetables into people’s meals can actually assist them to improve their health and wellbeing.

“Vegetables are nutritious powerhouses that can aid in the prevention and management of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease,” she explained. Moreover, vegetables are food-as-medicine; they taste delicious and are simple to prepare. Since various food supply chain concerns exist in every town and city across Australia, people are urged to make the most of what is available and try alternative ways of cooking with vegetables. Out-of-home advertising, according to OMA CEO Charmaine Moldrich, is a potent medium for influencing positive behaviour.

People can acquire a number of significant nutrients by eating a rainbow of coloured veggies, according to Ms Hancock. “We’re ecstatic to be a part of this year’s campaign and to share advice and recipes that make healthy eating delicious and accessible.” “This campaign is timely because increasing your vegetable diet will help you enhance your immune system. The “Better than you remember” campaign is worth more than $3 million, according to estimates. Participants are asked to use the hashtags #BoostYourHealthy and #BetterthanYouremember in their social media posts during the four-week programme.