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Monitoring Systems Essential for Fresh Produce Shipments

Monitoring Systems Essential for Fresh Produce Shipments


Monitoring Systems Essential for Fresh Produce Shipments

The use of monitoring systems in fruit and vegetable shipments has become “very important” in recent times due to the challenges and delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and industrial disputes, according to an Australian-based cargo technology company. Avcatech National Sales Manager Steve Tenni says the pandemic has created havoc with shipping line schedules and huge increases in airfreight costs, but its system Avcacheck aims to help optimize the performance of client’s supply and distribution chains, to ultimately improve quality and productivity.

The Avcacheck service has allowed the clients to locate precisely where their vessel is, live at any point in its voyage anywhere in the world. This has given them the ability to manage delays by taking corrective action upon arrival. They have also been able to access updated ETAs to stay informed about the progress of their shipments. Mr Tenni added that clients have been able to identify temperature spikes in the supply chain bringing accountability to all the distribution participants from the farm to the store. This has provided maximised shelf life by optimising the arrival condition of our clients produces.

The increased visibility in the supply chain also minimises the risk of food wastage and rejections. With our live vessel tracking our clients have been able to keep up with shipping delays and follow where their goods are live throughout the journey and get updated ETAs on their vessels’ arrivals. This has allowed them to optimise logistics contingent on arrival. Over the last few years, Avcatech has developed its own patented low-power modems to monitor MAXtend shipments globally so that they could take corrective action if needed to avoid customers suffering cargo claims.

While Avcacheck is a recent entrant in the Australian market it has been created from our own Maxtend technology which has been successfully utilised by many of the major shipping lines around the world for over twenty years.

Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)