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Macadamia Oil Working Wonders for the Tree Nut Industry

Macadamia Oil Working Wonders for the Tree Nut Industry


Macadamia Oil Working Wonders for the Tree Nut Industry

Article by: Hari Yellina

The macadamia nut industry’s long-term viability, sustainability, and stability are being bolstered by rising demand for the nut’s unique oil. While previously considered a by-product of kernel processing, Marquis Group marketing general manager Charles Cormack said macadamia oil was now popular for cooking, as a food ingredient, flavouring additive, health supplement, and as a carrier agent for skincare products, aromatherapy, and therapeutic oils. Mr Cormack stated, “We are currently seeing good demand increases in most countries and industry sectors, from the US and EU to Asian markets.”

Macadamia oil is a modest but expanding product category for the Marquis Group, with sales volume increasing by 109 percent year over year from 2020 to 2021, and an average yearly growth of 60 percent between 2018 and 2021. “Our goal is to educate food merchants and processors, as well as the cosmetics sector in Australia and throughout the world, about the benefits of macadamia oil and urge them to use it in their products.” “We’re willing to collaborate on product development with them, and we’ve just expanded our macadamia oil offering to include five distinct types of oil, ranging from unrefined food grade to 100 percent refined cosmetic oil. We can now provide a custom solution for any food, cosmetic, or industrial use,” says the company.

Due to its relative scarcity, macadamia oil commands a large premium, according to Mr Cormack. “However, we are optimistic that demand will continue to rise as customers become more aware of the multifunctional oil’s special features,” Mr Cormack said. When compared to olive and canola oils, macadamia oil contains the largest percentage of monounsaturated fats, up to 84 percent, making it healthier than most tree nut oils. Another notable feature is the oil’s high smoke point, which ranges from 210 to 234 degrees Celsius. The smoke point of an oil is the temperature at which it begins to smoke and acquires an unpleasant, bitter flavour. As a result, macadamia oil can be used as a cooking and salad oil in the kitchen.

Marquis Macadamias’ facilities and growers are industry pioneers in defining industry standards as strong advocates for sustainable macadamia farming. Hinkler Park Plantations, a 3000ha macadamia farm and shareholder of the Marquis group based in Bundaberg, announced last month that it will achieve a total greenhouse gas reduction and removal of 17,670 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent across its entire production system between 2020 and 2021 through carbon sequestration and reduced energy and fertiliser use across its entire production system. This is the equivalent of a year’s worth of CO2 emissions from 4236 passenger vehicles.