Fruit Industry in Australia

The Australian Farming Set-Up

In the world of agriculture, proper harvesting is one of the crucial processes that determine whether the season has been successful.  There are various ways in which the fruit industry handles its harvesting procedure. It is majorly dependent on the type of crop that is being harvested. For instance, if the crop may be harvested through a certain type of machinery then that may be utilized.

Common Fruit Harvesting Methods

  • Hand Harvesting
  • Harvesting with Machinery

Many times, stringently categorizing these methods is not possible because they may overlap.

Hand Harvesting

The method of hand harvesting is exactly as it sounds! Here, the fruit picker harvests the produce without the aid of any particular hand tool. However, some additional materials that may be utilized are picking carts or an appropriate container.

Machine Harvesting

Fruit picking in Australia is also completed through machine harvesting. This usually comes into action while harvesting tree fruits. Some examples include fresh figs, peaches and clementine.

Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia

The Australian nation is truly abundant when it comes to fresh produce. They are grown across all states and each state specializes in particular types of fruits and vegetables. Hence, those individuals pondering over a career in agriculture can opt to venture into the world of fresh produce. Not only does it empower people to think innovatively, but it also develops careers in unthinkable ways. Usually, fruit picking jobs are casual, short term opportunities, perfect for those who want to experiment with their career choice before arriving at a concrete decision. The main duties of a fruit picker are as follows:

  • Operating farm machinery to ensure the proper harvesting of fruits
  • Selecting fruits according to their freshness and ripeness, whilst discarding any over-ripened or rotten produce
  • Loading the picked fruit into containers so that damage can be strictly avoided
  • Sorting and packing produce into individual categories

Working Conditions Prevalent in Australia

Fruit pickers in Australia will be challenged to show their adeptness in a diverse atmosphere. Whether it is a high-tech, large-scale farming set-up or a homely, small farm, they must exhibit their trait to adapt to various conditions. They may work from ladders or mechanical hoists when they are picking tree crops, or they may have to stoop to pick field and vine crops. Gloves may be worn to protect hands from thorny branches. The weather conditions can be extreme. For example, circumstances may be hot, dusty, humid or rainy, but work usually continues in these conditions to ensure the harvest is completed on time. Additionally, harvesting work is seasonal and pickers may travel long distances after picking one crop to get to their next job. It must also be noted that accommodation may be provided by some employers; however, they are not guaranteed in every setup.

Requirements of a Fruit Picker

In Australia, fruit picking jobs are as abundant as the variants of fruits themselves. This means a determined individual is guaranteed to discover a role that suits them. However, there are some requirements that a fruit picker must possess.

  • Willing to work outside in adverse conditions
  • Reliable and self-motivated
  • Able to work under pre-determined time frames in all weathers
  • Able to withstand the physical challenges
  • Must be free from any skin conditions that may be aggravated by agricultural chemicals

Therefore, being a valuable part of a farm set-up that deals with fruits and other fresh produce may be just the push your career is looking for!

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