Farm Work in Australia

Farm Work: An Extensive Background

When it comes to farming and the agricultural world, it is actually a lot more diverse than people perceive it to be. Not only do the duties vary according to the season, but the work duties are vastly disparate based on the type of farm. Even though on smaller farms the owners can fulfil the farm work themselves, larger farms require permanent or contracted employees to usher in the desired success. Australia is one of the most diverse countries when it comes to the horticultural domain. This nation is a contributor and world producer of agricultural products such as wheat, wool, beef, broadacre crops, rice, almonds and sugar.  It seems that every backpacker, travelling through the country, has encountered farm work. While opting for farm work, one may encounter opportunities that span from a few days to several months. In fact, the Australian government is whole-heartedly granting Working Holiday Visas in an attempt to encourage young, potential candidates to join farms. Working on farms in Australia may just be the push that your career is seeking!

Types of Jobs in Australian Farms


In Australian farms, labourers are mostly responsible for harvesting duties. These include fruits, grains, nuts, trees, fibres and various other such crops. Moreover, these individuals are asked to normally plant, harvest, irrigate, prune, pack and load the crops. Additionally, the category of greenhouse or nursery workers, are given the responsibility of preparing greenhouse beds and lands so that they are suitable for planting. Thus, their farm work usually includes weeding, pruning, planting and spraying pesticides.

Graders and Sorters

Graders and sorters are entrusted with the responsibility of examining products that are going to be shipped or exported. Hence, they need to precisely classify the goods categorically according to the size, colour and condition. Most importantly, they need to identify damaged or defective produce and discard them so that they do not find their way into the consumer market.

Farm Hands

A farmhand is one of the most crucial employees in an agricultural setup. Their daily tasks include managing and taking care of the farm, raising animals and ensuring that the crops are growing properly. In order to properly fulfil the duties of a farmhand, the candidate must possess excellent communication skills, prior knowledge of farming and determination to successfully accomplish tasks that require tough physical labour. Even though working conditions may be challenging, the farmhand must be resilient enough to toil through whatever the situation presents. Therefore, it requires a great deal of passion and willpower to be employed as a farmhand.

Working on a farm may not be a walk in the park, but it offers satisfaction that makes the hard work worthwhile. The everyday tasks successfully inculcate an appreciation for the land and animals, while providing individuals with an opportunity to enjoy a celebrated social status!

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