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Jobs and Wages in Australia due to Covid19

Jobs and Wages in Australia due to Covid19


Jobs and Wages in Australia due to Covid19

Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)

Important Statistics

Between the dates of 14th March 2020 and 11th July 2020, payroll jobs were cut down by 5.6 %. Moreover, the total wages also lessened by 4.8%.

Crucial Dates before 11th July 2020

  1. 22nd March: The Australian Prime Minister informed the citizens regarding the Stage 2 lockdown modifications. They were then progressively implemented.
  2. 30th March: The Jobkeeper Program was declared by the Prime Minister.
  3. 8th May: The beginning of the payroll decline for the JobKeeper Program.
  4. 8Th May: The Prime Minister announces RoadMap to keep Australia away from the pandemic.
  5. 1st July: The Stay at Home rules and regulations are implemented for a few Melbourne postal codes.
  6. 8th July: The Stay at Home restrictions are also extended and applied for metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire.

Important Dates after 11th July 2020

  1. 12th July: The Early Childhood Education and Care Relief Package were annihilated.
  2. 20th July: A modified version for Jobkeeper Payments, meant for child care providers, is put in place of the original version.
  3. 21st July: Prime Minister declares the alterations and extension of the JobKeeper Program.
Job are being saved by the Australian goovernment

Jobs and Wages According to State and Territory

Since 14th March 2020, some of the biggest modifications in Australia were

  1. Total Salaries: Western Australia lessened by 7.0% and Tasmania also decreased by 6.9%.
  2. Payroll Jobs: Jobs in Victoria dwindled by 7.3% and those in Tasmania decreased by 6.8%.

Jobs and Wages According to Sex

Since 14th March 2020:

  1. Payroll Jobs: Those that were carried out by females decreased by 5.5%. Moreover, those jobs carried out by men dwindled by 5.8%.
  2. Total Wages: Payments that were made to men went down by 6.6% and those to females lessened by 2.4%.

Jobs and Wages by Age Group

During the week of 14th March 2020:

  1. Payroll Jobs: Those jobs that were handled by citizens 70 and over decreased by 11.3%. Additionally, those jobs where individuals that are aged 20 and under decreased by 7.9%.
  2. Total Wages: Payments for people aged 20 and below were increased by 19.1% and salaries for individuals aged 40 to 49 dwindled by 6.5%.
Jobs in Jeopardy due to Covid 19