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Hazelnuts Growth and Production in Australia (2020)

Hazelnuts Growth and Production in Australia (2020)


Hazelnuts Growth and Production in Australia (2020)


Hazelnuts are grown in the temperate areas of south-eastern Australia. The main production regions are the central tablelands of NSW around Orange and Narrandera, and northeast Victoria around Myrtleford. They are also grown in central and eastern Victoria and increasingly in northern Tasmania. These trees take around 15 years to become mature. Hence, the predominance of this spacing in older orchards. Newer varieties can be less spreading or pruned to allow closer spacing of 5mx6m. The option of double planting initially and removing trees once maturity is reached has become popular in Australia, US and Chile.

Statistics of Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts are grown predominantly in the temperate areas of south-eastern Australia. The majority of hazelnuts are cracked and sold in
kernel form.

As of June 2020:

  1. 1,000 tonnes of these nuts (in-shell weight) were produced with a kernel weight equivalent of 350 tonnes.
  2. The value of production was worth $3.7 million while the wholesale value of hazelnuts in-shell and kernel supply was $46.6 million, which combines local and imported product.
  3. 12% of Australian households purchased it, buying an average of 162 grams per shopping trip.
  4. The supply per capita of in-shell and kernel nuts was 165 grams, based on the volume supplied.

Production Areas

Some of the dominant production areas where they are grown are in Victoria and New South Wales. Furthermore, Orange and Myrtleford also are responsible for the production of these nuts.

International Trade of Hazelnuts

Australia is a net importer of these nuts, with the majority of imports being in kernel form. For the year ending June 2020, Australia exported 5 tonnes of kernel hazelnuts and 1 tonne of in-shell hazelnuts, while importing 3,496 tonnes of kernel hazelnuts.