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Growers in Australia Looking for Export Markets

Growers in Australia Looking for Export Markets


Many Australian growers are now looking for export markets to ship their fresh organic produce to. Out of the many, special mention must be made of Elridge Fresh Organics. The growers of the farm produce great quality vegetables all around the year. Additionally, they also take part in supplying this fresh produce across the whole nation. Recently, this organisation has started to ship to Singapore. Nevertheless, Elridge Fresh Organics is now seeking markets outside of Australia. The growers of the produce have become full-fledged suppliers who provide certified vegetables in the market.

The growers are experts in producing a wide range of vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, onions and capsicums. According to the owners, the biggest challenge of growing these organic fruits and vegetables are the weeds and pests that destroy the crops. This is combated by utilizing insects that are beneficial to the growth of fruits and vegetables. They believe that since the growers are working with nature and soil, it is crucial that they create a symbiotic relationship between the growers and the natural elements

This season the temperatures have been lower than normal which puts the crops a bit behind. The producers try to have a year-round production on all of our crops, only potatoes and onions have a gap of two months but we can store onions to keep the supply going longer. Some of the types of organic foods available in Australia, produced by growers, include fruit and vegetables, dried legumes, grains, meat and meat products, dairy foods, eggs, honey and some processed foods. In recent times, organic produce is more in demand because the growers have reduced the prices. This demand is increasing in Australia at about 20 per cent per annum, creating an opportunity for organic growers to enter the market or expand existing operations.

Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)