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Golden Boomerang Kangaroo the new National Australian Brand

Golden Boomerang Kangaroo the new National Australian Brand


Golden Boomerang Kangaroo the new National Australian Brand

Article by: Hari Yellina

The federal government has introduced a GOLDEN kangaroo made from of three boomerangs as the new national Australian emblem, which will be free for businesses to use to sell their goods on the international market. The design, which includes the phrase “only in Australia,” was unveiled by Trade Minister Dan Tehan and resource billionaire Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest. Moreover, the logo will be officially introduced on Monday to coincide with the reopening of Australia’s international borders. Mr Tehan explained that national branding was more than simply a logo and a phrase; it was a comprehensive strategy for selling Australia’s uniqueness to the rest of the globe.

According to economic modelling, a one-place gain in Australia’s worldwide brand ranking would enhance merchandise exports by $3.1 billion per year, as well as substantial annual increases in foreign direct investment ($704 million), tourism ($174 million), and overseas education ($137 million). Mr Tehan added that a strong nation brand and slogan will “reinforce Australia’s status as an internationally competitive investment destination, a fantastic location to visit, a quality provider of education, and a trusted exporter of premium goods and services.” The branding, according to Dr. Forrest, chair of the Brand Advisory Council, will offer Australian products instant identification in a crowded international market.

Mr Tehan said the boomerang kangaroo was backed by rigorous market testing, with around 500 industry representatives and 22,000 consumers interviewed over the course of two years at a cost of $10 million. The kangaroo is jumping forward, expressing Australia’s optimism, according to Balarinji chair and cultural director John Moriarty, who helped create the logo. Mr Moriarty explained, “It is made by a current expression of three boomerangs.” The head is a hooked ‘7’ boomerang used as a percussion instrument for music and dance at ceremonies. The body and tail are boomerangs, which can be used to hunt or forage for food, or to connect with softwood to start a fire. Therefore, this kangaroo offers a story of nation, belonging, and sustainable life.

In addition to the logo, the government will make over 300 tools, such as market research and trends, available to Australian businesses for free. The boomerang kangaroo is not meant to replace the Australian Made emblem or serve as a country-of-origin label for products. “It’s critical that the new Nation Brand is backed by effective and clear messages to help educate people about the brand’s permissible use,” Australian Made Campaign CEO Ben Lazzaro said. This must be linked with proper governance and policing tools to guarantee that it is used as intended and that misuse is detected and addressed. Last year, a golden wattle was announced as the international brand, but it was swiftly dropped as it was compared to the COVID-19 virus.