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Find Farm Jobs/Work in Victoria

Find Farm Jobs/Work in Victoria


Without a doubt, Victoria is Australia’s largest producer of agricultural goods, which include food and fibre products. Moreover, the items that are produced are responsible for making up over half of Victoria’s exports. It is impressive to know that this region produces up to $17.8 billion worth of agricultural produce and also contributes heavily to the domain of processed foods. If one delves deep into Victoria’s intense world of horticulture, they will chance upon the fact that this region produces $3.01 billion of dairy products, $2.98 billion of grains and $2.02 million of fruits and nuts. Additionally, in 2015, the Victorian government discovered the need to improve the already enforced rules and regulations to keep up with the changing times. This meant catering to the development of new technologies, the updated consumer choices and also adhering to the exponential increase in demand for high-quality fibre goods. In fact, Victoria has also invested in a $20 million program named Smarter, Safer Farms. This project heavily focuses on projects that:

  • Helps farms take apt decisions regarding agri-business.
  • Support farm owners and staff to take advantage of the new technologies
  • Ensure that farmers are safe and secure through moment of calamities, such as droughts or bushfires
  • Position agriculture as a favourable career choice.

The Victorian farming industry is continuously striving to provide farm owners and staff with much needed literacy. This is why this is the best time to focus on career options in farming.

What is Grown in Victoria?

Hence, Victoria may be deemed as one of the farming hubs of Australia. Victoria possesses a climate that is greatly favourable to a wide range of winter crops. This includes cereals such as wheat, oats and barley. Additionally, this area is also known for growing oilseeds, such as canola, and pulses such as lentils, chickpeas and faba beans. Some of the other crops which are popularly grown here are hay, soybeans, cotton seeds, triticale, vetch seed and sorghum.

Farming Jobs in Victoria

Due to its dynamic range of agricultural produce, Victoria has a continuous demand for agricultural workers throughout the year. However, the role of the agricultural worker is dependent on the crop and the time of year. Some of the jobs available in the Victorian agricultural world are farms hands, dairy farm workers, grain farm workers, harvester machine operator, and farm grooms. All of these designations require a tenacious will power and ability to conduct physical labour. Though there are many jobs that do not require prior experience, it is better to garner some information regarding the trade before investing one’s valuable time. Even though the work may seem extremely intense, it is definitely a rewarding choice that will contribute to building a strong character and personality.