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Farm Jobs/Work in the Northern Territory

Farm Jobs/Work in the Northern Territory


Farm Jobs/Work in the Northern Territory

One of the most important domains that fuel the economic sector of the Northern Territory is agriculture. In fact, farming is also closely linked to retail and wholesale trade, which in turn stimulates economic returns. In 2019-20, the horticultural department contributed approximately $649 million to the NT’s economy. Nevertheless, the productivity levels vary significantly according to the different seasons of the year. Moreover, the yield in the Northern Territory is also heavily dependent on the global and domestic demand at that particular moment. As mentioned earlier, this region also generates a significant amount of employment for the nation. In the current times, this area is accounts for over 1.8% of the total resident workforce.

What is produced in the Northern Territory?

Moreover, the Northern Territory mainly deals with cattle and livestock. The Darwin port is the busiest when it comes to livestock. Additionally, this area also deals with fruit crops such as bananas, citrus fruits, dates, dragon fruit, mangoes, passion fruits, stone fruits and sweet melons.

Why Invest in this Territory?

It is a known fact that agriculture is one of the foundational pillars of a nation. Not only does it generate employment, but it is also responsible for producing the essential staples for one’s livelihood. Hence, it is crucial to support this industry. Furthermore, the farming setups in the Northern Territory maintain the highest standards in agriculture. It produces clean, safe and natural products in a pristine environment. Moreover, this region offers a hoard of opportunities to invest in both new ventures and established setups. Additionally, the Northern Territory is slowly starting to enter the field of broadacre cropping. This means that this region will be experiencing dry-land crops such as cotton, sorghum and soybean. Demand for protein is on the rise in Asia and locally sourced protein will support continued improvement in beef cattle production.

Farming Jobs in the Northern Territory

The horticultural industry in this domain is growing exponentially. Presently, the Northern Territory produces approximately 50 per cent of Australia’s total mango crop. Because of these developments, the region requires a great number of workers. Thus, this is the perfect opportunity for those individuals who are seeking to kick start a career in the field of agriculture. Some of the common roles that are crucial to the numerous farm setups are:

  • Farm Hands
  • Farm Manager
  • Fruit Harvester
  • Agriculture Assistants
  • Grain Harvester

Therefore, if you want to expand your horizons and participate in the agricultural domain then this is the best time and opportunity. Not only will it provide you with priceless experiences, but it will also help you build proper character and work ethics.

Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)