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Farm Jobs/Work in Sunraysia

Farm Jobs/Work in Sunraysia


Farm Jobs in Sunraysia

Out of all the districts present in Australia, Sunraysia may be identified as the economic centre of the country. This area is located in north-western Victoria and south-western New South Wales in Australia. Because this region is mostly known for its bright sunshine, the name ‘Sunraysia’ goes perfectly well with the nature of the district. Another known feature of this area is its dominance in intensive horticulture. For example, Sunraysia is majorly known for producing grapes, oranges and grains. The epicentre of the district lies in Mildura, Victoria. Currently, there is an ample amount of farming jobs available here. Therefore, if one is interested in connecting with the world of nature, working in Sunraysia may just be an ideal option.

Sunraysia and Farming: Background

The Mildura region, also known as Sunraysia, is characterized as a flourishing and dynamic region when it comes to farming. Since the initial irrigation channels were constructed here, it remains one of the first agriculturally rich regions in Australia. In today’s times, Sunraysia is a major crux of the agricultural and horticultural world in the nation. In fact, almost 98% of dried fruits are grown here, along with 74% of table grapes and 24% of citrus fruits. In addition to farming, the region has now diversified into food and beverage processing, transportation and storage, mining and renewable energy.

Farming Jobs in Sunraysia (Mildura)

This area, situated in the centre of Victoria’s Food Bowl, offers a wide range of farming for locals, backpackers, transient visitors and grey nomads. Hence, if one is interested in starting a career in farming, Sunraysia is the perfect place to commence their journey. Additionally, if any individual is travelling on a holiday visa, they are also eligible to experience Australia’s world-famous horticultural domain. In fact, Sunraysia is a preferable location for many potential candidates as it houses an abundance of fruit and nut farms that are seeking farmhands and additional workers to help in the process of harvesting. Some of the roles that are frequently available in the world of Sunraysia farming are:

  • Tractor Drivers
  • Farm Labourers
  • Forklift Operators
  • General Labourers
  • Factory Workers
  • Machinery Operators
  • Project Supervisors
  • Maintenance Workers

These jobs, though dependent on individual harvest seasons, are mostly active from February to August. This is because this is the optimal time when almond processing takes place.

What to Expect in Sunraysia’s Farms

Even though farm work is solely dependent on personal preference, farm jobs in Sunraysia are mostly short-term and casual. Therefore, these jobs are perfect for working holiday-makers. Also, the schedule of the work depends on the nature of the work. For instance, during harvest seasons, the workdays will be long but rewarding and worthwhile. Most importantly, the pay is also largely dependent on the role that is assigned. All in all, it is definitely a rewarding experience that carries a lifelong worth of lessons and fruitful memories.

Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)