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Eating Red Meat Extends Life Span?

Eating Red Meat Extends Life Span?


Eating Red Meat Extends Life Span?

Article by: Hari Yellina

Eat a steak and you’ll live longer.

That’s the takeaway from a panel of prominent scientists who believe ‘fake food fans’ have transformed red meat into a villain. According to a new study published in the International Journal of General Medicine this week, eating red meat improves general health and life expectancy. The study discovered that plant-based diets do not provide the same nutritional benefits as meat-based diets. Many vegetarian and vegan converts mistakenly believe that non-meat diets offer higher health benefits. The University of Adelaide and the University of New South Wales collaborated on a study that looked at the overall health impacts of total meat intake in more than 170 countries.

The researchers wanted to see if previous findings that have “cast a negative light on meat-eating in the human diet” were true. These arguments were put to the test before a Senate committee looking into food labelling, with the red meat industry repeatedly stating that consumers need to be informed the truth about how plant-based goods differ from animal-based products in terms of composition and nutritional profile. Dr. Wenpeng You, a biomedical researcher at the University of Adelaide, believes that humans have evolved and prospered as a result of their large meat diet. “Looking simply at correlations between meat intake and people’s health or life expectancy within a specific demographic, and/or a specific region or country, might lead to complex and erroneous conclusions,” Dr. You added.

Genetic factors are thought to account for 20-30% of human life expectancy, whereas environmental influences, such as food, account for 70-80%. The study contradicts statements made by the plant-based food business, claiming that consuming energy from grains and tubers does not lead to a longer lifespan. Furthermore, the research backs up the red meat industry’s claims that overall meat consumption is linked to longer life expectancy, even when other factors such as total calorie intake, economic wealth, urban advantages, and obesity are taken into account.

Meat is an important food component in many people’s diets around the world, according to University of Adelaide biologist Dr Renata Henneberg. The favourable association between meat consumption and general health at a population level “is not episodic,” she added. According to the study, cereal-based diets have a lesser nutritional value than meat. Dr Arthur Saniotis, anthropologist and biologist at the Polish Academy of Science at the University of Adelaide, remarked, “While this is no surprise to many of us, it nevertheless needs to be pointed out. It emphasises that meat has its own components that contribute to our overall health in addition to the number of calories ingested.” Most importantly, meat has its own components that contribute to our overall health.