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Fruits News List

Table Grapes Back in Demand in Australia

Due to the labour shortage situation, a Victorian table grapes producer is forced to admit that the upcoming season may be tumultuous due to the weather change and labour shortage. However, due to the great demand, there are hoards of opportunities that are present. Orchard Tech has decided to keep supplying the table groups to […]


Grapefruits and the Recent Rise in the Market

Grapefruit is part of the citrus family and grows in clusters on the tree, like grapes – this is said to be where the name originates. Grapefruits come in a variety of colours including yellow, pink and red, and they have a variety of tastes from sweet to sour. Grapefruit production mainly occurs in the Murray valley region. […]


Pears and the Australian Agricultural Industry

An interesting fact that may be unknown to many is that pears are not only a good source of fibre, but they also contain loads of Vitamin C that boosts the immune system. Moreover, pears are also known as pome fruit, and they belong to the Rosaceae family. This family includes other fruits such as […]


Pineapple Production and its Sudden Growth

Pineapples are a multiple fruit, which means they grow from a cluster of up to 150 fertilised flowers that join together. They can take up to two years to be ready for harvesting. After a pineapple has been cut from its parent plant another fruit will start to develop called the ratoon crop. Once this […]


Growth of the Canned Fruit Production in Australia

The growth of the canned deciduous fruit business is primarily based in the Goulburn-Murray Valley region of Victoria, processing Australian apples, apricots, peaches, pears and plums at Shepparton. The canned fruits industry does not have a specific biosecurity plan or manual but has developed plans and manuals for the pome fruit (apple and pear) and […]


Soaring Fruits and Vegetables Supply during the Victorian Lockdowns

Due to the lockdowns and closures of hospitality establishments and the food services, the Victorian fruit and vegetable suppliers are facing a high demand during the winter months. However, Hari Yellina of Orchard Tech states that there has been a consistent and steady availability of two essential vegetables. They are cauliflower and broccoli. Cauliflowers, sourced […]


Canned Fruit Production in Australia (2019)

Canned Fruit Overview Canned fruit is a complete combination of fruits that belong to various categories. They are predominantly pineapples, peaches and pears. Moreover, the majority of this fruit is found within Australia within close proximity to the canning processors. Moreover, the Canned Fruits Industry Council of Australia has been established to look after the […]


Dried Tree Fruit Production in Australia (2019)

Overview Dried fruits, other than plums, can be identified as a combination of dried fruits that hail from different categories. However, these fruits are predominantly summer fruits. These fruits have become immensely popular in Australia over recent years. However, in recent times there is a debate that has been fuelled around this edible item. While […]


Olives Production in Australia (2019)

Overview Olives are a common fruit that is grown in all major states of Australia. However, the majority of production is grown in Victoria. Almost all of these fruits that are grown in Australia are for olive oil production. Both of these forms are popular in Australia. Since the olive tree can survive for thousands […]


Prunes Production in Australia (2019)

Overview Plums that are grown for drying purposes are known as prunes. Hence, these are the byproducts of extremely dried plums. Prunes are a type of fruit that is extremely popular in Australia. Not only do prunes improve vision, but they also contain many qualities to improve declining heart conditions. Hence, this fruit is a […]