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A Season Like no Other: The Australian Mango

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Perth Strawberry offers Early Harvest for Labour Shortage

Perth strawberry farmers are under pressure with large crops and coronavirus border closures leaving them short a third of their usual harvest workforce. Roughly to pick this farm there is a need of about 80 and currently, there are about half. Last year hundreds of thousands of strawberries were left unpicked, with harvesters unable to keep up […]


Why Should Fruits be a Part of your Regular Diet?

Everyone has heard of the saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” This is true about fruits of all categories. Moreover, due to the increased awareness, everyone is starting to understand that fruits are not only delicious but are highly nutritious too. In fact, with more than 2,000 varieties of fruit available, there […]


Pressure Created on the Middle Eastern Orange Market

Many Middle Eastern sellers are still harvesting the last Midknight and Delta Valencias. Because the fruit is small in size, the flowering period is directly related to its size. Moreover, since the last harvest season was mostly cold, there were a lot of shortages that were seen by the producers. Additionally, water shortages were also […]


Food Patterns and Habits in the Era of Covid 19

It cannot be denied that the pandemic has aggressively affected the food patterns and habits of consumers. Fear of not having enough has led to major disruptions in the food chain, as it has resulted in panic buying. The most important area of concern is that the over-buying of supplies can lead to food wastage […]


Kakadu Plum: The World’s Newest Superfood

Even though acai berries and maca powder protein balls are sweeping the Australian nation at the present moment, people have forgotten about the Kakadu plum. This potent superfood is native to the Australian nation. In the present moment, where Covid 19 is severely wreaking havoc on an individual’s immunity, this tiny green plum contains a […]


Guavas Highly Rich in Vitamin C: The Cinderella Fruit

Even though the harvesting of guavas is taking a back seat, the immense amount of rain is an affair that all farm owners are welcoming. Furthermore, many producers are now keen on reminding the world how rich this fruit is in Vitamin C. Especially during this pandemic, Vitamin C has become essential in every household. […]


Mango Growers Coaxing Summer Fruit to Grow in Winter

According to the latest agricultural occurrences, the mango season in Australia keeps getting longer. This is because many mango growers have figured out a way to expedite the blossoming of the crop. By doing this, agribusiness owners can claim higher prices for this summer fruit in the winter season. In fact, this also puts other […]


Citrus Fruits’ Canker Detected in Alabama

Citrus canker, a deadly bacterial fruit disease, has been detected in Alabama, in the residential area of Baldwin. This whole area shares a border with Florida and also the Gulf of Mexico. This disease was detected after the Federal and State plant health officials have identified and confirmed that it is indeed the canker that […]


Soil Replacements Provided for Australian Produce Growers

According to the latest reports, Carnarvon producers were adversely affected by the floods that occurred in February. The Federal Government has now decided to replace the damaged soil to assist the farm owners. In order to ensure that the work progresses swiftly, the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development has already commenced securing the required […]


Strawberry Growers React to Needle Contamination

In an event that has devastated the Australian nation, a contaminated needle was planted in a strawberry. What is even more shocking is that the charges against the accused have been dropped. This is why members of the Queensland Strawberry Growers’ Association have expressed their severe disappointment. According to sources, the worker accused of committing […]