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Shepard Avocado Rewarded with its Own Festival

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Global Overview: Mandarins

Article by: Hari Yellina The current state of the worldwide mandarin market is highly reliant on where one looks. Some major producing nations have had more luck than others, with Australia anticipating a big crop, while North America, Italy, and Spain are all suffering from bad weather throughout their growing seasons. Though sales are generally favourable […]


Strawberries Flourish with the Help of AI

Article by: Hari Yellina The main goal of an Australian Research Council Research Hub is to utilise artificial intelligence to boost farming production and disease control. In 2018, the centre won $5 million in funding from the Australian Research Council’s Industrial Transformation Research Program. The Hub brings together world-class skills in image processing, machine learning, robotics, […]


Australian Citrus Industry Rewarded for its Achievements

Article by: Hari Yellina At the Citrus Technical Forum Awards Dinner, Citrus Australia inducted two additional members of the industry into the Hall of Fame: Robert Lochert and Russell Witcombe. This year’s Citrus Technical Forum, which FreshPlaza attended, drew around 350 people from throughout the Australian citrus industry to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Robert Lochert and […]


Dried Fruits Australia Announces Winners

Article by: Hari Yellina With the national association presenting new prizes for its top farmers based on commercial considerations, dried grape growers will be clearing space on the mantelpiece. Dried Fruits Australia (DFA) is launching the 2022 DFA Top Crop Categories this season, which will recognise and reward enterprises who produce the greatest value crop […]


Global Update: Bananas

Article by: Hari Yellina The worldwide banana industry, which was already under pressure due to high transportation and raw material costs afflicting various industries, is now facing extra challenges in several nations as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Because Russia has traditionally been a prominent importer of bananas from South America, recent trade […]


Millions Invested to Encourage Vegetable Consumption

Article by: Hari Yellina A pro-vegetables organisation is urging both political parties to invest $100 million in increasing vegetable consumption. The bold request was made by Nutrition Australia and Ausveg, co-leads of the Fruit & Vegetable Consortium (FVC), in order to not only increase vegetable throughput but also aid Australia’s recovery from COVID-19. To bolster […]


Are Fruit Flies Back in Southern Australia?

Article by: Hari Yellina The existing outbreak limitations have been extended until May 6, 2022, following the discovery of Queensland fruit fly at a Renmark township residential property in the Renmark West and Pike River suspension regions. This is not a new epidemic, and the present fruit fly outbreak parameters remain the same. Premier Steven […]


Biosecurity Project Launched to Support the Melon Industry

Article by: Hari Yellina For the next year, the Australian melon sector will be surrounded by an additional ring of biosecurity protection, with the intention that the impacts will endure much longer. PHA and Melons Australia have launched a one-year Melon Industry Extension for Biosecurity project to improve melon growers’ biosecurity response, recovery capacity, and […]


Peaches and Nectarines Gain Access into Vietnam Market

Article by: Hari Yellina Australian peaches and nectarines will re-enter Vietnam thanks to a five-year-long deal. The federal government recently approved technical negotiations between the two nations, which will restore the trade destination after it was closed in 2015 by Vietnamese officials who demanded the implementation of a phytosanitary standard. With a two-way trade valued […]


Kiwifruit Producers Appeal to Australian Fruit Pickers

Article by: Hari Yellina New Zealanders living abroad are being persuaded to return home and perform their duty as a citizen of selecting and packing kiwifruit for the country’s benefit. They may also be able to assist in the export of New Zealand’s first red kiwifruit if they act quickly. The yearly harvest in New […]


Global Market Overview: Lime Industry Update

The global lime market is currently experiencing a resurgence as the catering business reopens in numerous nations, boosting demand for the citrus fruit. As the year advances and the tourism industry recovers from the COVID-19 outbreak, markets like the Netherlands expect this tendency to continue. Despite persistent shipping challenges, much of the lime supply on […]


A Flying Robot Apple Picker? Oh Yes!

Article by: Hari Yellina After an Israeli start-up company, Tevel Aerobotics Technologies Ltd, began creating an autonomous robot that could pick fruit, orchards may soon have aerobotic technology on their arm to replace some of their labour. Kubota Corporation, which has been encouraging innovation through partnerships with external organisations in Japan and Europe through its […]


Global Blueberry Industry in High Demand

Blueberries continue to be popular around the world, a trend that could benefit Australian growers. Consistent Quality is the New Blue, a recent Rabobank analysis, presents a rosy picture of the worldwide blueberry business, projecting that fresh blueberry exports would continue to grow gradually over the next few years as growing places spread around the […]


Woolsworth Supports Australian Grown Dates with $400,000 Grant

Woolworths has given a $414,000 grant to a family-owned organic date farm in Southern Australia to assist the supply of locally grown dates in a market that is heavily reliant on imports. The Gurra Downs Date Company grant is part of a total of $1,140,000 in financing for organic growers from the Woolworths Organic Growth Fund’s latest […]


Kensington Pride Nectar a Massive Hit

Following a successful introduction in October last year, Manbulloo, one of Australia’s biggest mango producers, is already growing the output of its bottled nectar product. “To debut our 100 percent Kensington Pride Mango Nectar with Coles in Australia was an incredible highlight, and it has been a really great result,” said Managing Director Marie Piccone. In […]


South Australian Families can Now Pack Fruits and Veggies in Lunchboxes

Following the lifting of fruit fly restrictions across the state, fruit and vegetables can once again be found in the lunchboxes of most pupils returning to school. Most fruit fly restrictions in South Australia were relaxed in December, according to Primary Industries Minister David Basham, allowing families to resume packing a variety of fresh fruits […]


The Citrus Price War Remains

According to Intercitrus, the pricing battle between competing citrus producers in the EU (Egypt, South Africa, Turkey, and Morocco) and European citrus, which resulted in the dismal 2021-2022 citrus campaign, was here to stay. Because of the huge volume of third-country citrus fruits that reach the European Union and their low costs, the Spanish citrus […]


Agricultural Visa Programme Fails to Deliver Workers

A new visa introduced to attract migrants to work in agriculture around Australia is yet to bring any additional workers into the country as the government continues negotiating to sign countries up. The agricultural worker visa (AgVisa) was created in October during free trade negotiations with the UK that ended a requirement for British backpackers […]


Mango Producers now Flaunted on Billboards

This season, a mango producer utilised its farmers as models to help push more goods via the major cities. This summer, Pinata Farms launched a huge marketing effort encouraging people to “trust” the Honey Gold mango brand’s growers. General Manager, Stephen Scurr was the face of the campaign, which was introduced in high-traffic regions of Sydney and […]


Cherry Farms Begin to Track Pickers through Data

To meet new piece-rate payment requirements, a Tasmanian cherry orchard has implemented picker tracking technology. AgPick Technology was introduced by Cherries Tasmania Orchards at the start of the harvest in December to help keep track of workers’ hours and productivity. The programme notifies producers who picked their fruit and uploads the data in real time, […]