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Apples Production in Australia

Overview Apples are a fruit that is abundantly produced across all states in Australia. The harvest season usually occurs between February and May. Nonetheless, this fruit is available all year-round. This is made possible due to the controlled atmosphere technology. Statistics As of 2019: Approximately 310,875 tonnes of this fruit was produced, and they were […]


Imports Carried out in Australia (2019)

According to the data collected, it seemed to be a bustling year when it comes to Australian imports. As of 2019, Australia has imported $2.87 billion worth of horticultural goods. If the imports are carefully sectioned, it can be concluded that processed fruits were imported the most. For instance, items like olives and olive oil, […]


Global Fruit Production

Bananas: The Most Popular Fruit Fruit crops comprise a major section of the global agricultural production. Fruits, consumed along with vegetables, are a part of a healthy and robust diet. Additionally, if the production quantities are carefully studied, the most popular fruit in the world is bananas. In fact, in 2018, over 115.74 million metric […]