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Avocado Market Finally Improving

Avocado Market Finally Improving


Avocado Market Finally Improving

Article by: Hari Yellina

“Prices on the avocado market have partly stabilised in recent weeks after a few trying months. In May and June, the prices were in fact pitiful and below cost. Peru thus reduced its exports to Europe in order to free up some space on the market. Instead of selling to Europe, they are doing more to the US, Asia, and Chile. You can immediately tell that we are receiving less from Peru in the market “says Nature’s Pride’s avocado buyer Annabel Könst.

“Reduced production implies that some sizes are in short supply and that old stock is disappearing. The price is currently soaring and shifting towards costs for healthy growers. So, supply and demand are in good balance as we enter the summer. But everyone is focused on the upcoming weeks.” “Avocado shortages are now affecting some importers, but they will pass in about four weeks. Everyone will cut back on their purchases of goods from the source nations sufficiently. The additional demand that is currently there on the spot market will then cease. Everyone must therefore carefully adapt their programmes to the demand. Then, working together, we can stop a fresh market surplus,” declares Annabel.

“Along with Peru, Colombia is also reducing the amount it sends to the Netherlands and diverting sizable volumes to other markets. Since the costs forced the suspension of such shipments to Europe, Kenya is increasingly sending us a few avocados. South Africa is also sending consistent volumes.” 2019 saw the collaboration of Apeel and Nature’s Pride to bring longer-lasting avocados to the European market. Our goal is to reduce food waste throughout Europe. Because of this, we apply Apeel’s plant-based protective layer to our EAT ME avocados, says Annabel. “This layer makes sure that ready-to-eat avocados maintain their ideal quality for a longer period of time. In order to reduce food waste, we aim to give customers more time to enjoy ripe avocados.”

Peels, fruit pulp, and seeds are the only natural components used in Apeel’s production of this plant-based barrier. By reducing the amount of oxygen the fruit absorbs, the apeel layer helps the fruit maintain moisture for a longer period of time. The avocado can last longer as a result. We have been able to treat more EAT ME avocados with Apeel since April of this year. Therefore, a significant portion of our European sales market may now find these avocados, Annabel says.