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Beetroot Production in Australia (2019)

Beetroot Production in Australia (2019)


Beetroot Production in Australia (2019)


Among all the vegetables consumed in Australia, beetroot is a vegetable that is regularly found in most households. However, even though the production rate has decreased over the last several years, the production continues in Queensland. In fact, a majority of the beetroot that is supplied is in the form of tin cans.

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  1. $12.1 million was the wholesale value of fresh vegetables. If this figure is further analyzed, $9.9 million was distributed into retail, and $2.2 million was utilized for food service.
  2. The supply per capita was recorded at 212 grams, which is based on the volume supplied.
  3. Fourteen thousand two hundred sixty-two tonnes of this vegetable were produced this year. Hence, this was valued at $12.6 million, and 60% of this was sent to processing.
  4. Of all the Australian households, 26% purchased beetroots. Therefore, this is discovered to be 403 grams of beetroot per grocery trip.

Major Beetroot Production Areas

The primary area where this vegetable is produced is in Queensland. Some of the regions where this vegetable is produced are Lockyer Valley and Fassifern Valley, all located in Queensland.

areas of beetroot production
Source: AUSVEG

Fresh Beetroot Production by State

beetroot production by state
Source: AUSVEG

Fresh Beetroot International Trade

As of 2019, Australia has exported 351 tonnes of this vegetable. Like other vegetables such as beans, asparagus and artichokes, the import value of this vegetable is counted in the negative tonnes. Furthermore, according to the chart below, the majority of beetroots was supplied to Japan.

beetroot production by country
Source: GTA