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Aussie Quality Highlighted Amongst Japanese Textile Businesses

Aussie Quality Highlighted Amongst Japanese Textile Businesses


Aussie Quality Highlighted Amongst Japanese Textile Businesses

Article by: Hari Yellina

A new partnership between Cotton Australia and a renowned Japanese shirtmaker has recognised Australia’s highly praised cotton. Cotton Australia claims that Kamakura Shirts’ first ‘Premium Pure White Shirt’ will serve to highlight rising global recognition of Australian cotton’s quality and environmental qualities. The shirt transaction was made possible thanks to the work of the Australian Consulate-General in Osaka and the use of the Japan-Australia Economic Partnership Agreement. Kamakura is well-known in Japan, where its clothing industries have been producing shirts since 1993. Nanako Sadasue, the company’s CEO, was enthusiastic in her admiration of Australian cotton.

“We’ve been looking for the perfect cotton for years, and we’ve finally found it in Australia. We’d like to get the word out to clients all around the world about its fantastic characteristics “Ms. Sadasue explained. Kamakura Shirts chose Australian cotton because it was clean and reasonably contaminant-free, which means less chemicals are used when dyeing the cloth and people can “feel the natural whiteness of cotton,” according to her. The firm said in a statement announcing the new shirts, which are now available globally online: “White Australian cotton is ideal for Kamakura Shirts, which has been committed to whiteness since its inception in 1993. A premium dress shirt’s main attribute is its whiteness.”

The launch, according to Trevor Holloway, Australian Consul General in Osaka, builds on the strong economic relationship between Australia and Japan and recognises that Australia’s cotton industry, while adhering to the world’s strongest accreditation requirements, also prioritises sustainability. Mr Holloway said, “For many years, growers have been developing innovative technologies and amassing know-how needed to increase quality and minimise resources used to achieve the best crop yields and proudly deliver world-class Australian cotton.”

Australian Cotton

The wide-open expanses and healthy natural environment of Australia make it an ideal location for growing cotton, right on the doorstep of the global textile industry. Australian cotton is a success story with a long history that has resulted in a modern, efficient sector that produces some of the greatest quality cotton in the world while utilising less natural resources than ever before.