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An Overview of Imports in Australia

An Overview of Imports in Australia


An Overview of Imports in Australia

Total Imports (International)

Australia always strives to keep its agricultural industry and trade strong. Hence it has a healthy rate of imports and exports. According to studies, collected within, Australia, it has been reported that this nation has imported over $2.87 billion agricultural goods. Among all of the products imported, processed fruits were introduced in the most massive amounts. Moreover, it has been reported that Australia has imported close to $392.2 million of fresh fruits. Furthermore, next on this list is fresh vegetables; approximately $118.9 million vegetables were brought into the country. Additionally, nuts were also imported in high amounts.

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Sources: GTA (Freshlogic Analysis)

Total Trade by Region

Based on the numerical data collected, these imports can be further broken down into categories depicting the total trade from each region. For instance, the highest amounts of products were imported from Asia. Over 35%, which roughly converts to $375.2 million worth of goods, were brought in from Asia. Almonds are grown in several regions in Australia, with five major growing regions: Adelaide and the Riverland (South Australia); Sunraysia (Victoria); Riverina (New South Wales); Swan Region (Western Australia). Almonds are also grown in the USA and Spain. Australia is the second-largest producer of almonds in the world, behind California, USA. Hazelnuts are not native to Australia, and commercial varieties in Australia are cultivars of the European hazelnut. Hazelnuts in Australia are largely imported from Turkey, the USA and Spain. Hazelnuts are grown in the temperate areas of south-eastern Australia. The main production regions are the Central Tablelands, near Orange, and Narrandera (New South Wales); and around Myrtleford, north-east Victoria. They are also grown in central and Eastern Victoria and increasingly in northern Tasmania. Small levels of production are also evident in South Australia and Western Australia. Secondly, North America also finds a place in the top three. Approximately, $359.1 million worth of products were bought from here. Some of the other regions included in this list are New Zealand, Europe and Central and South America.

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Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)