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Almond Insights in Australia (2014/15)
Increasing Popularity of Almonds in Australia

Almond Insights in Australia (2014/15)


Almond Insights in Australia (2014/15)


It is interesting to note that Australia is the second-largest producer of almonds. These nuts are grown along the Murray Valley in South Australia. Moreover, this popular form of nut can also be found in Victoria and New South Wales. Also, the three major varieties that are grown in this nation are Nonpariel, Carmel and Price. Some other varieties construct 7.3% of the total plantings.

In current times, almonds are identified as the main source of profit in Australia’s horticultural world. In the year 2014/15, this nut was crowned as the most valuable horticultural export, whose estimated annual export sales were $422 million. This achievement marked a 14% increase from the previous year’s sale. Moreover, the profit of almonds from January to June increased up to 54%, but the lack of production during the rest of the months in the year suppressed sales heavily.

Statistics of Almonds in Australia

Additionally, it was projected that the sales would reach $600 million in 2015/16 due to the increased crop size. This increase was marked at 10,000 tonnes larger than those found in 2014. Moreover, the sales of the domestic market grew over 6% during the marketing year from March to February. The total amount that was recorded amounted to 22,033 tonnes. In fact, the domestic sale has exponentially increased by 55% over the last five years. Therefore, the success of this industry is leading to a major orchard expansion.

Future Projections

In recent times, the almond industry is expanding exponentially with each passing year. It has been estimated that the orchard area will reach 130,000 tonnes in 2025. Moreover, almonds have become a safe crop to invest in due to the high mechanization of the industry. The suitability of almonds to the large-scale orchards makes it a crop that is highly stable and profitable. Interestingly enough, consumer demands for almonds are soaring each and every year. It has also been predicted that almonds will create approximately 10% of Australia’s gross value of production. Hence, almonds are a crop that is booming in current times.

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Moreover, pecans, a popular snack in Australia, has also exponentially grown in production.

Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)