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Aldi Tops the List for Best Organic Fresh Produce

Aldi Tops the List for Best Organic Fresh Produce


Australians appear to prefer the fruit and vegetable selections of a major German supermarket chain. For Supermarket Fruits & Vegetables, Aldi won the Canstar Blue Most Satisfied Customers honours in 2021. It also chose the ward because of its organic items. Canstar Blue is a consumer review and evaluation website that offers customer satisfaction studies and ratings for over 900 companies and 250 consumer items and services. In terms of overall contentment with the important supermarket offering, Aldi beat out IGA, Coles, and Woolworths.

Aldi’s fruits and vegetables received five stars in a survey of more than 2500 shoppers for overall satisfaction as well as five stars in the categories of quality of products, value for money, the freshness of produce, variety of products, special offers, and store layout. In terms of overall satisfaction with the important supermarket offering, Aldi beat out IGA, Coles, and Woolworths. Megan Birot of Canstar Blue remarked that shoppers were pleased with the range of produce¬†available in Australian shops. “All of the major supermarket chains received five stars for product variety,” Ms Birot said, “which was critical considering that 58 per cent of buyers stated they bought something from the fruits and vegetable department on every store visit.”

Value for money, shop layout and appearance, and its well-known bargains and special offers are where Aldi really stood out from the competition. Fresh produce has been a priority for Aldi in recent years, according to Jordan Lack, the chain’s buying director of fruit and vegetables, because the shop recognised how essential it was to customers. “We partner with local growers from a variety of regions around Australia to offer the greatest quality fruit at Aldi’s lowest prices to our stores every day, so this award is also a testament to them,” Mr Lack said. According to Canstar Blue’s customer survey, nearly half of the shoppers polled (46%) had tried different supermarkets’ fruits and vegetables departments, and a quarter (25%) bought the “ugly” fruits and vegetables on a regular basis.

However, nearly a fifth (18%) acknowledged buying fruits and vegetables they didn’t consume and then discarding them. Canstar Blue’s poll also indicated that while more than two-fifths of Australians (41%) prefer to buy fresh fruits and vegetables from markets or independent grocers, supermarkets are just cheaper and more convenient. Canstar Blue’s new organic food product ratings were also dominated by supermarket brands, with Aldi adding another victory to its tally.

Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)