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2022: One of the Most Challenging Seasons to Exist

2022: One of the Most Challenging Seasons to Exist


2022: One of the Most Challenging Seasons to Exist

Article by: Hari Yellina

Sai World is a global fruit trading company based in Queensland, Australia, that farms, packs, and markets fruit. The organisation has a reputation for selecting the greatest produce and preparing and packing it according to international standards. Devlins Pound, near Riverland, South Australia, is one of Sai World’s main growers. Over 220 acres of the property are planted with 20,000 citrus trees. On-site fruit is cultivated, graded, and boxed. “The 2022 crop growing season has been extremely difficult. Many erratic weather patterns, along with extremely high fertiliser prices, have resulted in smaller-than-average size and more blemishes on the skin. This will provide numerous issues throughout the season, particularly in terms of obtaining clean fruit greater than 72 count,” Sam notes.

The growing season of 2022 has been one of the most difficult for many growers. Hail storms early in the season (October – December 2021) wreaked havoc across the whole growing zone, with certain orchards taking the brunt of the damage. The lack of moisture throughout the growing season has also had an influence on fruit size, with many parts of the region reporting average counts of 88-100. Fruit sizing was also affected by the absence of warm days during the summer. Due to the unusual conditions, the colour break on all types is significantly delayed. Fertilizer prices have risen in many situations due to the lingering effects of Covid-19 on supply networks.

Fertilizer prices reached new highs this year, prompting many growers to fertilise their crops more conservatively. In just four months, the cost of many important fruit-sizing products has doubled. Potassium Nitrate, an important ingredient in fruit sizing, has jumped in price by 100 percent in three months, from $1,400 per tonne to $3100 per tonne. Furthermore, weed control goods have grown by 300 percent, from $3,500 each shuttle to $15,000 per shuttle. If the current rate of cost rises continues through the 2023 growing season, many producers would face significant issues.

18 kg net Telescopic cartons, 15 kg net Euro tray, and 2 kg net bags or 3 kg net bags in 18 kg net open top cartons are used to pack Washington Navel, Cara Cara, Late Lane Navels, and Eureka Lemon. Lemons are packaged as follows: – Telescopic 18 kg net and Euro tray cartons 15 kg net. “Due to the smaller sizing and increase in defects, we will see more fruit transported in pre-pack bags for the 2022 season.” We will also be offering a big pack (20kg+) for all markets on request this year to give importers a competitive advantage over competing brands.”

Sai World has long-term ties with several producers across Australia, allowing them to supply the most diverse assortment possible throughout the season. The firm also provides customised packaging solutions, such as retail packaging, as well as a service that extends from producers to freight forwarders. They export to Asia and North America in addition to providing the Australian home market.