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Top Quality Fertiliser Guarantees Best Results

Top Quality Fertiliser Guarantees Best Results


Top Quality Fertiliser Guarantees Best Results

Article by: Hari Yellina

Yara Crop Nutrition, a leading worldwide fertiliser manufacturer, has upgraded its water-soluble calcium nitrate YaraLiva CALCINIT to the YaraTera line of high-quality products. Tera is derived from the Old Norse term “Taera,” which means “feeding,” according to Yara Crop Nutrition sales agronomist David Coombes. With the addition of CALCINIT to YaraTera, the Yara line of totally water-soluble fertigation fertilisers, which includes NPKs, straights, chelates, and liquid fertilisers, is complete.

YaraTera CALCINIT is a fertigation product that combines the advantages of fast-acting, readily accessible nitrogen with the better harvest quality features of calcium. “Both fertilisers and water can be regulated to achieve optimal production and quality when combined with an effective irrigation system,” Mr Coombes said. “In response to client demand, we are constantly upgrading our production methods; YaraTera CALCINIT formulas are over 100 times purer than the first calcium nitrate manufactured by Yara 100 years ago.”

“Over the last 20 years, we’ve managed to lower the amount of insolubles from an average of 2000 to 50 ppm.” It is not categorised as an oxidising agent, unlike certain calcium nitrates, and hence is not subject to storage, handling, or transit limitations. Alternatively, farmers can use Yara Liquids N-Cal 15+18 Ca, which is a real liquid calcium nitrate formulation made in Australia with high-quality calcium nitrate made in Norway by Yara. “Inconsistent or sub-optimal nutrient supply has a direct impact on crop output and quality; poor product quality can prevent fertigation systems from working; and contaminants can prevent market access.”

All Yara products, including YaraTera CALCINIT and Yara Liquids N-Cal 15+18 Ca, have guaranteed specifications, so you can be sure that what’s on the label is exactly what you’re getting. On top of that, you know where it comes from. Many calcium nitrate goods are mass-produced and sold as commodities, making it impossible to determine the manufacturer’s genuine origin. Yara is a leading fertiliser manufacturer in the globe. Yara’s team of sales agronomists, customer service professionals, and technical support specialists support these products all around Australia. Mr. Coombes stated, “Our goal is to create integrated crop nutrition solutions that actually boost our customers’ productivity and profitability.”