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Nuffield Scholarships 2023 now up for Grabs

Nuffield Scholarships 2023 now up for Grabs


Nuffield Scholarships 2023 now up for Grabs

Article by: Hari Yellina

 The Gardiner Dairy Foundation 2023 Nuffield Scholarship encourages aspiring Victorian dairy farmers to make their impact in the business by applying. A Gardiner Nuffield fellowship allows a Victorian dairy farmer to study cutting-edge global agriculture, as well as travel internationally for 14 weeks. Scholars will be pushed to conduct research on themes that bring value to the Victorian dairy industry, and they will have access to the Nuffield alumni network, which has over 1500 members worldwide. Allan Cameron, Gardiner’s chief executive, stated that programmes like Nuffield help current and future dairy executives improve their knowledge, experience, and networks.

“Gardiner promotes the Nuffield Scholarship programme because it allows forward-thinking Victorian dairy producers to learn about best agricultural practices in the field and then share their results with the local industry,” Mr Cameron said. Aubrey Pellett, a Gippsland dairy farmer who won the Gardiner Nuffield Scholarship in 2014, said the experience had given him more confidence to seek solutions. “If I have a problem, I think – I’ve travelled the world and been inspired by all types of answers,” she explained. “Doing what’s always been done makes you think there’s probably another approach you could take.”

Mr Pellett has held several industry positions since completing his Nuffield, including chairman of the Rural Financial Counselling Service Gippsland, deputy chair of Bonlac Supply Company, director of GippsDairy, and most recently, farmer director on the Gardiner board. All farmers are invited to apply for a scholarship, according to Mr Pellett. “Because of the strengthened networks I currently have, the scholarship increased my leadership chances,” he stated. This year, Nuffield Australia will offer up to 20 scholarships. Farmers, fishermen, and others in related occupations between the ages of 28 and 45 are eligible for the scholarships. The bursary permits scholars to travel for 14 weeks over the course of two years to research a topic of interest to the business. Nuffield Scholars also receive training in communication skills, as well as personal and professional development.

The deadline for applications is June 17, 2022. Those who have been shortlisted will be interviewed in July and August. The recipients of the Nuffield Scholarships for 2023 will be revealed in September at the Nuffield Australia National Conference in Tamworth, NSW.

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