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“Members Bound to Benefit”: International Fresh Produce Association

“Members Bound to Benefit”: International Fresh Produce Association


“Members Bound to Benefit”: International Fresh Produce Association

Article by: Hari Yellina

One of the perks for Australian members of the newly formed International Fresh Produce Association is the opportunity to contribute to the organisation on a global scale. The Produce Marketing Association, which includes PMA A-NZ, merged with the United Fresh Produce Association in January 2022 to form a new organisation. When it first launched, Good Fruit & Vegetables made it a point to emphasise the company’s strong ties to the United States. However, Australian and New Zealand members of the International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA) have pledged to “continue their hard work in assisting members locally.” Members of the previous PMA A-NZ were automatically admitted to the IFPA.

Those members, according to the association, will benefit from expanded access to global connections and insights, as well as tools and education to help them improve their profitability. One of the most significant benefits for IFPA members in Australia and New Zealand, according to IFPA ANZ chief executive officer Darren Keating, is a stronger connection to colleagues from other markets around the world, allowing for better sharing of ideas and access to critical industry information.

The IFPA has pledged to concentrate on three main areas:

  • carrying out advocacy
  • bringing people and ideas together
  • providing members with assistance that will enable them to take action with confidence in order to improve their businesses’ outcomes

Cathy Burns and Tom Stenzel, co-CEOs of the IFPA, are in charge. “The International Fresh Produce Association will be the driving force behind the advancement of our sector. Our members, stakeholders, friends, and colleagues, on the other hand, provide the fuel for that engine.” Mr. Stenzel stated, “You will assist us in moving this mission ahead in order to attain those objectives.” “Our organisation is propelled not only by our members, but also by the active leadership of our volunteer leaders.” “We were ecstatic to get over 1000 volunteer applications from across the industry, demonstrating not just support for our organisation, but also the energy and urgency with which our industry views the role we have to play in today’s global context.”