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Global Update: New Zealand Resumes New Apple Season

Global Update: New Zealand Resumes New Apple Season


Global Update: New Zealand Resumes New Apple Season

Article by: Hari Yellina

Every year in the middle of February, New Zealand’s apple season starts and lasts until August or September. Apples from New Zealand are aromatic, juicy, and luscious. They have a lovely appearance and flavour, and they are highly popular on the market. Furthermore, apples fare better in storage and transportation when compared to other fruits. The apples are still very fresh when they arrive in the Chinese market.

Gala apples make up the majority of New Zealand apples sold in Chinese marketplaces. The arrival of queen apples is usually in May.  The very first New Zealand apples of the year were supposed to arrive in China on February 23rd, but they arrived in early March after being delayed by more than two weeks. Apples, fortunately, withstand storage and transportation well, therefore product quality was not adversely affected.” According to Sharon Huang, CEO of Faikee Fruit Limited, this is the case.

Because the weather was so exceptional this season, the quality of the apples that arrived in China was excellent, even better than last year. In terms of pricing, the average cost of manufacturing and distribution increased, raising the cost of apples. When the apples reached, however, many outbreaks of Covid-19 posed a barrier to product transit, and the prices decreased. The selling cost of the season’s first Taylor apples was roughly 350-360 yuan per box of 18 kg [53.83-55.37 USD]. Following this, Taylor apples sold for roughly 310-320 yuan per box [47.68-49.22 USD]. These apples have a fixed price that is usually resistant to negative changes. Many other apple manufacturers have already reduced their box costs to roughly 200 yuan [30.76 USD]. Furthermore, the Chinese market usually sees a spike in sales around Tomb-Sweeping Day [5 April], but product movement was less than optimal this year.

Sharon explained the following new breakthroughs in New Zealand apple varieties: “The Sassy apple is a new apple variety from New Zealand. On the Chinese market, this early-season type is already accessible. Sassy is a cross between the Jazz, Fuji, and Pacific Rose apples. The exterior is a vibrant, glossy red, the apple is crisp, and the flavour is fragrant and sweet. Furthermore, natural anthocyanidins are found in the fruit’s skin. “The supply is still limited, and the price each box is roughly 320-330 [49.22-50.76 USD].” We’ve long believed that apple production areas need to improve and offer new types on a regular basis. Take, for example, the Taylor brand, which recently debuted their new Taylor “King” apple variety. The apple is solid and sweet and every bite is bursting with sweet taste. Furthermore, the Taylor King apple is more attractive than the Gala apples that arrive at the same time.

When the King apples first hit the market last year, they received a lot of positive comments from customers, and product circulation was smooth. The King apples arrived a little later this year.” Faikee Fruit Limited mostly sells Taylor apples from New Zealand. Sharon discussed the benefits of Taylor apples. “Taylor apples are uniformly shiny, sweet, and fragrant, with just the proper amount of tartness to balance the flavour. Taylor is a family-owned business. They constantly monitor every stage of the apple-growing process to ensure consistent product quality. Furthermore, these apple types withstand storage and transportation exceptionally well. Taylor also uses Smart Fresh fresh-keeping technology to keep the quality, flavour, and look of their apples consistent. The apples are kept fresh for a long time.