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Fresh Parsley and Other Fresh Herbs Production (2019)

Fresh Parsley and Other Fresh Herbs Production (2019)


Fresh Parsley and Other Fresh Herbs Production (2019)


Fresh herbs, including parsley, are predominantly grown in almost all states of Australia. They are specially grown in market gardens near the major capitals. In the present times, increasing volumes are being grown in high-tech greenhouses all year long.

Types of Herbs

Lemon Myrtle

Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia citriodora) is originally a Queensland Rainforest tree so they can grow exponentially. They’re grown around Sydney a lot as a street tree. Traditionally, they were used medicinally. However, in the present times they can be readily bought as dried herbs. Also, they can be grown in the gardens and be plucked to be used for cooking and consumption. Medicinally, they’re great for getting rid of headaches.

Native Bush Mint

Bush Mint (one of several Australian species sometimes referred to as “Native Pennyroyal”) is a clumping, perennial groundcover herb, about midway between English peppermint and exotic pennyroyal. It is native to Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. This species is smaller and more delicate than other mints, but has a similar aroma and may be used in place of exotics and other natives. This plant grows in sun or shade, and in a variety of soils, but does best in shady, boggy areas. Like parsley, this vegetable also falls under the herbs category.


Parsley is native to southern Europe and was renowned among the ancient Greeks and Romans and used for medicinal purposes. The Greek warriors used to feed their chariot horses with the herb, whereas the Romans made wreaths for their banquet guests to ward off drunkenness. This herb was also used in ancient times to mask strong smells. In Australia, parsley is found growing in most home gardens and is a popular herb used to enrich a great variety of dishes. In Australia, there are two main varieties of parsley available. Curly leaf parsley has dark-green leaves that have curled (or crinkly) edges. Flat-leaf parsley (also known as Italian or continental parsley) has flat, jagged, dark-green leaves. Flat-leaf parsley has a stronger flavour than the curly leaf variety.


  1. 10,301 tonnes of fresh parsley was produced and valued at $195 million.
  2. The wholesale value of the fresh supply was estimated at $229 million. Out of this amount, $163 million was distributed into retail and $65.3 went into food service.
  3. The supply per capita of parsley was 393 grams, based on the volume supplied.
  4. 38% of Australian households purchased fresh herbs, hence buying an average of 77 grams per shopping trip.

Major Parsley Production Areas

Fresh herbs, like parsley, are usually grown across all states in Australia. Furthermore, increasing volumes are being grown in the New South Wales region of the Sydney Basin and Northern New South Wales.

2018/19 Parsley Production by State

Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)