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Farm Jobs/Work in Tasmania

Farm Jobs/Work in Tasmania


The weather in Australia can be compared to that of an engine! The winds and the rains bring about the freshest air and thus the agricultural climate is extremely productive. Adding to the climate, the rich and nutritious soil cooks up a perfect recipe for favourable harvesting. It cannot be denied that Tasmania is mostly known for its various orchards. However, the fact of the matter remains that a great deal of the Tasmanian land is also reserved for agriculture. Very few pests or diseases make their way to the island from the Australian mainland and the rest of the world. This allows farmers to keep strict quality controls over their products which are sought all over the world.

The Tasmanian Dairy and Wine Industry

One of the industries that are booming in Tasmania is the dairy industry. Due to the rolling hills and lush pastures, this sector is extremely successful. The cows are able to graze all year round and thus the quality of the dairy products is of commendable quality. Moreover, since farmers keep strict control over the agricultural standards, it is quite natural that the productivity and yield are favourable throughout the year. Moreover, many winegrowers are starting to explore the heavenly weather in order to expedite their business. Meat, vegetables, fruit and dairy products are made fresh every day and many farmers go beyond organic. And that’s a testament to Tasmania’s commitment to preservation and authenticity. Essentially, the entire state is farm to table.

Farming Jobs Available in Tasmania

As mentioned, the Tasmanian agricultural industry is reaping its rewards. Hence, there are numerous job opportunities that are available in this region. However, it is best advised to secure a job through a reputed recruitment agency. This is because it ensures that the job is sourced from a credible farming setup. Moreover, this also means that the candidate remains safe from any potential scams. Most of these jobs are short-term, casual and temporary jobs. The working conditions may range from extremely hot to cold and wet temperatures. At times, the atmosphere may become muddy due to the climate. Some of the farming job roles that are available are:

  • Farm Hand
  • Farm Labourers
  • Fruit Pickers
  • Dairy Farm Worker
  • Berry Harvester
  • Assistant Farm Managers
  • Farm Attendants

Some Common Requirements

  • Previous experience in the farming industry.
  • Knowledge of farming best practices.
  • Able to work long hours on location.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Must be physically fit.
  • Excellent hand-eye coordination.

Hence, if you enjoy the outdoors and feel that a career in agriculture is for you, be sure to indulge in the excellent weather conditions of Tasmania.

Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)